Artifakt:Artifakts 2


1. Zulu
2. Plastic
3. Male
4. Ohm
5. 5
6. 6
7. 7
8. Fish
9. Circle
10. Peak
11. Eye

What we have come to expect from this amazing South African Artist. This man has a style all his own and he holds true to that style through this 11 track journey which is designed to be listened from start to finish and not track to track.Even though im not a fan of this style of sound this really impressed me ints sheer musical brilliance


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I'm impressed! Just with the track pieces, I would like to hear the whole thing all the way through. It is a nice mix of different styles. Very good timing on ripping the whole full on sound into the various sounds that are just floating in their own rythems. :ilol:


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This stuff is banging,cant stop dancing in total trance on it,long time havent heard such a drive,it blows you away...