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Ashford, Kent
I wondered if fellow Dj's can help me!! I got my CD decks in xmas and have started to get a collection of CD's together. The thing is i've been going to parties for three years now, but have only recently got into buying the tunes.

The stuff i'm into is warm up lifting,banging sort of night time into morning tunes. With nice rythmetic bass lines, that stay on the same note (if that makes sense) I can't get into tunes that have a bassline that goes all over the shop if that makes sense, I think it loses the rythm/drive of the track.

The Cd's i've bought recently are:

Origin - Nano records
Beat-ific - spiritzone
Crunchy Punch

and a few more, but can't remember their exact names coz am in the libary without the cases.

I really like the crunchy punch album, and really like the style of wrecked machines and tikal.

Basically if you kind of have an idea of what sort of style i'm talking about, could you recommend me some labels, artists e.t.c You think I would be interested in.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!

Have done a mix, will be up shortly!!


p.s Sorry posted this in the top 10 section, but realised this was the wrong place
Hi m8

There r lot of excellent artists & labels!!! :speaker:

I d recommend u to go to PDT in Camden Town and listen all the cd/records u can.
Anyway I think that u might find interesting these artists: Protoculture (SA, Nano Records), Wizzy Noise (GR, ZMA Records), Artax (SW ,Third Eye Records), G-Light (RU, Deja Vu Records), PsyPilot (CH, Turbo Trance Records), Oszilla (DE, Insolation Records), Dickster (TIP World Records), Bio-Tonic (FR), Eskimo (UK, Psychic Deli Records), Soliptic (UK), Tristan vs Electric Ant (Six straight days), Fatali (IL, Alchemy Records), Beat Hackers (IL, USTA Records)....

well hope it can help u :Wink3:
Artist suggestions: Protoculture, Silicon Sound, Sirius Issness, Wrecked Machines :Smile3:
Label suggestions: Com.pact, Nano, Turbo Trance, Moonspirits :Smile3:

There's loads more but thats all I can think of right now. :Smile3:
not forgetting psy-crafts new album...... wow. :Grin:

maybe exaile for the nice heavy b-lines :Grin: (my personal favorites at the moment)

does anyone know when exaile r releasing another album??????

rob :Grin: