Artist Music Space For Forum users only



ok well basically ive gone and bought a server, now im not really allowed to use the space up on things like this, so ive come to a decision about how to do this.....heres the low down.

i have 1 and a half GB's to allow you guys to use.

so how im gonna do it is give each of you 25mb of space to use for uploading you music. I will provide the info about how to connect, upload and how to make a link for it.

This isnt setup yet, as im still setting up the server, but once it is i promise you all a space to put your music.

there will be 50 accounts of 25mb's available for now, if your interested please post below.

Keep the music coming and the inspiration bubblin :Wink3:

so can you integrate it into the forum???

If not ... are you scripting something for it???

I could do a server side widget thing if you like. whatcha say??
bueno estente,

les provisionades de la webspace puerto 25 megabitio e la Fantastico, una idea especiale, punto punto como delaga PsyMike el Rocka!


thank you!!!!
Any room for me? - on the verge of finishing my first tune (although have been on the verge of finishing for months... so... no guarantee on a date :? ) and would love to put it up here to be torn limb from limb by wild dogs :P