Artists Competition at

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Best 5 tracks to be mastered by Colin OOOD, winner gets cash prize, top 5 to be released non exclusive on cytopia, free to use master to send to other labels.

Dont forget to enter your best tracks for the artist competition.

Dont be shy,

Send you best stuff,

And maybe you will win the cash prize, free mastering, promotion and release.

Details can be found here:


bumbalumba cruiser
PM sent :ismile:


DJohn Mustard Project
Colin OOOD said:
Come one guys & gals, who wants to be first through the Compounder?
I misread that as combine harvester, don't ask me how!

But yeah, believe me - Colin's mastering is abso-blimmin-lutely superb, so g'wan and do it!

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Aug 15th, so plenty of time.

Entries can be anything psychedelic, can be full on, progressive, ambient, dub, breakbeat... new ideas welcome...

As long as its beautiful..