Astral Projection - The Full Load :-)


Mike D


Trust In Trance Records 1996

1. Kabalah - 9'28"
2. Enlightened Evolution - 8'03"
3. The Feelings - 7'23"
4. Utopia - 9'38"
5. Black & White - 7'29"
6. People Can Fly - 9'55"
7. Radial Blur - 7'40"
8. Aurora Borealis - 8'03"
9. Still Dreaming (Anything Can Happen) - 7'47"

Trust In Trance is probably one of the, if not the most, well known Goa album. Astral Projection had spent many years experimenting under different names, mostly known as SFX. This time they released an entire album under the Astral name, and it is an absolute stomper. Tried and tested over time it contains music that will make you dance no matter how tired you are, the positive vibes and pure joy of Goa trance pounds out from the ecstatic synth lines of Kabalah to the moodier People Can Fly and the classic mornning sounds of Aurora Borealis. Astral provide you with a journey into the realms of absolute musical pleasure.
No too impressed with their new CD 'Amen' - their older stuff had 'hooks' you could whistle along too, but (although they havn't sold out)this new one is a bit bland..
And what is the inner album artwork all about?? It looks like a free CD given away with a magazine..
I quite appreciated their new album... They took the same bases and didn't try to copy the "new style". Atral stayed in their pink fluoro ambiance, the production is quite good. I realy liked 1000000 years from today, the new bass line is good, and heaven's gate which is for me the typical example of the happy smiley psychedelic trance.
For sure it is not the album of the year but the dinosaurs have shown that they still know how to make good music!!!!
But your right, it seems that some israelian artists tend to fall in a commercila logic... I heard about a possible programm on MTV with Infected Mushroom and Astral. Honestly, no thanx, I dont want to see shampoo and mc donalds adverts between two tunes of trance and stupid people listening to ultra loud psy-trance in their customised cars just to show that they are cool!!!! :no:
" I dont want to see shampoo and mc donalds adverts between two tunes of trance and stupid people listening to ultra loud psy-trance in their customised cars just to show that they are cool!!!! "

that and the day that lager lads starty turning up to psy-trance partys as they have done to trance and tech ones :Sad:
unfortunately due to the way that people are wanting more from clubs and are looking for more 'underground' scenes, this could be likely. although at the moment psy-trance is still eclectic enough for the mainstream to ignore it. lets hope it stays that way.
yes your right.. people come to this sceen mainly because it is underground , so logically it is nearly impossible that psy-trance arrives on the big market of music... and I am sure most of the artists dont want to work for big multinationals!!
It will stay that way, definitely!
Boom! :Grin:
I haven't heard this, i'm relatively new to mixin psy trance. I bought their Unlimited album. Particularly like Normalised, Datalinks and Compact Living. How would you compare them?
Well, I got Trust In Trance, Astral Files, Dancing Galaxy and Another World (not in that order), and think they're fine although I couldn't compare them against the latest stuff by anyone else due to new technology playing a big part. I lost interest in Astral Projection soon after I last saw them live at Tyssen St (The Transient party with Mino). Although they played many of they're great tracks, I was disappointed to notice that they were just playing the whole set pre-recorded from DAT, and messing about with a JP8000 on top...with no more 'live' intervention than that. A few months later, there was an article about them in the Future Music mag, with one of their latest tracks. I was devastated. My favorite band at the time seemed to suddenly go all cheesy. I don't bother paying any attention to them anymore, but I still play their old stuff sometimes.

Wo... I'm loosing the plot :blink:

I'm on about Logic Bomb, I've not heard much Astral stuff but someone recomended Mahadeeva which i thought was quality

Funny thing about Astral Projection.... Their sound is really quite cheesy, but I can't help loving it. Just wish their track titles were less, well.... cheesy.

Amen has a prayer for peace on the front cover, which I thought was cool, as they are of course from Israel. It's nice to know that there are some peaceniks there.

As for overground/underground, I'm in favour of Psy-Trance getting as wide an audience as possible. After all, why confine it to us Trance heads? Elitism/Cliqueness is the quickest method I can think of to destroy our scene.

The fear of many who want to keep it underground is that entry by commercial interests will ruin it. I don't see it that way. Instead I think the underground will maintain itself no matter what. There will always be underground Psy-Trance made, and there will always be parties to hear it at.

I think greater interest on the fringes of our scene will encourage more people to get involved with the real thing. At the risk of being elitist myself, maybe we can touch more people with love and light. Surely that's good :Grin:


i dont think Astrals sound has changed since the turst in trance album - which was amazing at the time - but now amen just sounds dated to me - just my opinion!
waiting for Snafu to completely flame me :ph34r:
Amen Baclay, (No pun intended) :Smile3:
you great big hippy barclay!!!
......but i agree...more parties...mean more fun...more people involved mean bigger parties....bigger parties...means longer parties.....longer parties mean more fun......

i think if more people get into psy trance it is a good thing.....i do not want to restrict this scene because it is underground.....why cant it be mainstream......would it not be better for producers / artists to have more money...therefore produce more stufff therefore everyone is happy......i have waited about 8 years for the scene to kick off...and i am sure it will, but lets not fool ourselves.....the reaon it is not mainstream is because we like it being underground to much.....the scene has a mischeivious feel, and a rebelious side (political and social) so it is fact all of us that are keeping the scene back.......maybe (bity of a strong statement i know?!!?)

i think i am also typing to quick........and rambling like a crazed maniac.....
i just dislike things being catogrised......."like S.Rex is to commercial...lets go to eq...EQ to underground".....are we ever going to be happy....lets just fuck all these restrictions dance more and remeber we got into this scene to be "nicer people" and appreciate the life around us.......enjoy.....

once agin i have gone off on a tangent, but these clicky heads,football, skateboarding...... etc is what pushed me away from them and got me into trance lets not restrict our scene lets just put it out in the sun and watch it grow...........and while we are at it just step back and appreciate that great parties can happen, artists can bring out what they want, and sometimes cheese is good!!!!

but not all the time............i like the squelchey stuff........has enyone tried that rouley cheese fucking amazing.......

anyway thats all

smile everyone.........
mushroom said:
No too impressed with their new CD 'Amen' - their older stuff had 'hooks' you could whistle along too, but (although they havn't sold out)this new one is a bit bland..
And what is the inner album artwork all about?? It looks like a free CD given away with a magazine..
You can whistle that fast? :blink: :Grin:
its just a cunning matter iof developing an ability to introduce amplitude cutoffs in to your whistling (varying in breath uotput) to get those trills and riffs..
as for astraql they weer the reason i got in to psytrance so i will always ahve a deep affectionate spot for them. i can totally appreciate peoples' thoughts on the fact that they esentially havent changed their sound a lot, ut i at least thought with amena they had tride to something a bit different- definietly this album has a more progressive edge to it (hence maybe not so many melodies u can whistle along to), it still sounds like them but with a more prog edge

anyway without them things would be different so i guess u HAVE to thank them for that (o yes u do). i downloaded their 'live' set at the arvika festival and it was pretty cool though i admit it basically sounsd like they mixed a set of their tracks, played a few extra sounds over the top and then got in a drummer to add the real 'live' sound

as for commercialism and that whole issue... baarquiii..... let me think.

one oif he other main attractions for me with psytrance was its underground anture. i think this os both a drawback and its strongest quality. the very underground nature of the scene means that generally speaking, ppl do stuff for the love iof it, we all nkow artists, djs, party producers generalyl do not make very much money from what they do adn there are only a hadnful of psytrance artists making any kind of full time living from the music (astral being one of them)
ultmiately i find this a real pain soemtimes- as ive said before i live in bournemouth, somewhere where there is not even the remotes of hint of psytrance existing upon this planet, its such an unpsychedelic place
and wher i lived before, worcester its a similar story, although the towns one non-commercial ercords shop did stock some psy on vinyl and cd
i would definitely like to actaully live near some psytrancers but i guess thats just a proiblem with where i am
i think the scene here could do definitely do with being bigger, but not commercial, that would be bad at the end of the day. but more parties, and one thing i do think we need to encourage in this country is the development of new pstyrance artists- we have loads of labesl but not that many rpoducers, not compared to other much smaller countries like sweden (maybe we haev moer than then btu not disproprtionately more as the relative sizes of our tweo nations would imply, for example)

also u have to remember that the israeli psytrance scene is very different to ours. they have a huge scene, where there is some money to be made doing parties, adn artists from theer like infected and astral do attract soem money. astral also are well known outside of the psytrance scene, as they get mentioned in minisrtry of sound magazine every now and again. as for the future music interview, i missed it unfortunately, (i think they interviewd eat static in the same issue or soemthing, or at least thats what i heard!!!) but i know that psytrancers had been writing in to them occasionalyl for years (the letters would get prionetd every now and again and usually other ppl would write in to slag off their oppinions of future muic would make some crass comments about psytrance being too weird or something), and many ahd asked for interviews with acts like astral, green nuns
Trust in trance album was the soundtrack of my Indian travel experience in 1995 (the inspiration for the Astral Phoenix parties), it was all so new & fresh, and impossible to find (as it had yet to be released). It completely "blew my head-off" and rocked the soul. Find it hard to listen these days due to its overwhelming nostalgic power that can leave me in tears...

By the way this debut album was produced by three artists, so it was unique in that respect (and often overlooked). "Dancing galaxy" was a good follow up, but felt something was missing, after that it felt they had "lost it" and i started to lose my respect for them as artists.
You can always go back to listening to their earlier brilliant stuff. They progressed somewhere
and others didn't, its the way of the world, progress or be accused of producing the same old
brilliant stuff, they couldn't win.

tbf - a lot of the new generation think their latest stuff is as good as we thought their earlier
brilliant stuff was.

never heard a bad AP set yet.

excuse me, I'm new.