Astral Projection - The Full Load :-)

blast from the past!

i do love a bit of Astral... you can always identify their tracks because they have a distinctive musical character. Barcs played 'people can fly' a few months back and i forgot just how kicking it sounds on a big system.
the astral projection dudes once tried to beat a mate of mine up at the fridge for trying to hit on a girl they also had designs on...PLUR maaaaaan.
i mean come on, they look like session musicians for bon jovi even if they are one of trance's greatest acts...not to judge a book by its cover or anything...


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"People Can Fly" is the one track that got me into Goa/PsyTrance back in '95 or so... MTV (when it was still watchable) played a video of computer graphics + "People Can Fly"... I went WHOA, that the hell is this stuff?

I think they cut several early classics, but their trip is kind of easy to figure out, and that initial buzz I got was probably my AP peak... I owe them big thanks for that first rush and all the great Goa stuff I would discover in '95-96, but must admit I have no idea what they're doing today.
Seeing this thread made me dig thru the Continuum Trance Museum for some old astral cds.

Farkin brilliant. I'd forgotten how much I liked their old stuff - so thick and phat and chewy.

Sigh. They don't make em etc etc
"Mahadeva" was one of the first psychedelic dance tracks I ever heard, and I still love it to this day. It epitomises everything that's great about psychedelic dance music, for me - pounding, hard, colourful, melodic, danceable, ethereal and just a darn good rockin' tune.

Their sound is unmistakeable. I checked out their Myspace page recently and there's a more up-to-date tune on there, which sounded great too, title of which I forget.

Last I heard of them, they were playing with a live drummer, but that's some years ago now.
Ah - Astral Projection.

Chaos, off their latest album, is one of my all time classic faves, can't get enough of that track.

But I wonder what they're up to. Their website has been promising a new album for well over a year. - which probably means one of two things. 1) It's going to be one of the best albums ever, and they keep working on it to make it even better, or 2) They have realised it ain't all that good and are desperately trying to salvage it.

I hope it's not the latter, but I suspect it might be...