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hello everybody....
i was just wandering what Astralasia sounds like... ive heard they are pretty good and even though they havnt released an album for a while (i think ) i just wanted some kind of review of thier stuff/
thanks ....
I quite like Astralasia - although they play trance that is psychedelic - they are not really psy-trance in the current narrow definition. Astralasia grew out of the 80s festival scene and belong to that strand of UK psychedelic dance music that owes more to Hawkwind, mushrooms, free festivals and then free parties than it does to Goa and rolling basslines.

They were very much involved with the club/planet/mega dog scene of the mid 90s and put out alot of stuff on Magick Eye records and used to tour a lot. But things moved on and their last album didnt really do that well.

Not sure what they are up to now??
mmm yeah a bit dubious at times i think... their last release (was it on transient?) was faaaar to cheesy for me. earlier stuff not bad, but the only album I can specificly name that i quite like is Politics Of Ecstasy, and even that has a habit of sounding a bit too washed-out ambo at times
I've always preferred their more chilled tracks and there were a couple of really nice ones on their last album. Apart from that, have no idea what they are up to. I remember I took my firstpill to Astralasia at Imperial College SU and me and my mate spent the whole set down the fron ogling the cute girl in silver hotpants who was singing.
Brilliant ambience-where's their new one boohoo?
Got one of their old albums 'pitched up at the edge of reality' which ain't that bad. They played at one of the few RTTS in manc, and erm, I wasn't that impressed. Likewise haven't seen or heard of them for quite some time.