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I was pretty surprised to see this on the shelves @ Chaos (a Psy-Trance single!). Picked up a copy and I've gotta say - I'm impressed!

There's been a fair bit of 'scrap this formulaic nonesense' bandied around recently, and I believe Astrix was cited by a few exponents of this view at times. Thankfully this should quash and complaints... okay it's got a kind of 'mainstream' psy feel to it but it works. Building from some decidedly 'Infected' sounding beginings into a full-on creakin', bouncin', crunchin' stomper. I can't wait to hear that guitary peak through a serious system :speaker:

Track 2 goes on a bit, but it's a good taste of what the Infected sound could become (I hope they go more this way than the 'other' single around at the moment). Like it.

Track 3 is a good taste of what the new ASTRIX album (Artcore) could be like. Fingers crossed, as this is a progression of his old style without being either too formulaic or pushing too hard to provide us with something new. I liked it, but I can see it's not going to push everyone's buttons. Too crunchy for some I fear :no:

Track 4, well what can I say? It's worth buying the whole damn CD just for this. :Smile3: GMS do a sterling job of remixing an old classic. Hints of their Gamma Goblins rmx in there, but I can't see why that's a bad thing. Great way to end a very good shiny flat round thing.

Looking forward to that Artcore album! :jump:

Oh, tracklisting:

1. Coolio (144bpm)
2. Coolio - Infected rmx (144 bpm)
3. Techno windows (145 bpm)
4. Eye to eye - GMS rmx (145 bpm)
Astrix Coolio... :Wink3:

1. Coolio, wicked track, totally ripping Infected's style for the intro loadsa time stretching malarky... good solid track, personally I would prefer it without the guitar, but it would be lacking something if you didn't have it... replace it with some electro sound would be good for me...

2. Infected's Coolio Remix, smart remix, they really push it to the most screaming and back down to complete chill, as only they can do, going from heights to depths in relatively short sections (showing off again) gets a little to much for me sometimes (that guitar again) absolutely great to listen to, but could you really play it in a set, probably not it would stick out like a sore thumb...

3. Techno Widows, Track of the CD for me, Crunchy, Creaky, Havin It, Pumpin Party Track, not trying to be what it aint, just good interesting elements in right place, phat, solid and good to mix!! Psy Tune!

4. Eye To Eye GMS Rmx, Have to disagree Pricey, I thought this one came across as a messy job, banged together real quik. They just kinda get the beat bangin and chuck in a few loops on repeat, not a good remix for me, messy is the best word for it. On GMS Remix of the finger\gamma goblins they get so much power from the remix, using the riffs just right and building. Here they only seem to be chopping in the original audio rather than twisting the riffs on synths them selves. Not good for me.

Seems to point that Astrix is stepping away from the more euphoric into something deeper, I hope so anyway! :Smile3:
immature terrorists at psyreviews said

"GMS’ remix of Astrix’s Eye To Eye is about as fucking interesting as spending your fucking life on a fucking train platform writing down fucking carriage numbers. Actually, I take that back, as it’s an insult to the profession of trainspotting. If ever there was a tune that didn’t need a remix, it was this. And the last c*ts on earth you ever wanted to remix it was this lot."

however i humbly concede that astrix's new material is prety good. because it sounds less like astrix than *insert random name here*
anybody ever told you that you swear too much? sometimes it's just not necessary, you end up losing the point and sound like a pikey
Drat Mafia said:
anybody ever told you that you swear too much? sometimes it's just not necessary, you end up losing the point and sound like a pikey
has anybody told you draty, that you're a moaning old woman?
:lol: sounds good, will have to keep an eye out....nobody in winchester sells psytrance....and i cannot really be trusted with cashcards...(just ask ebay and their fairy-princess corset sellers!)
CariFairy said:
:nobody in winchester sells psytrance....
hey if you can get to eastliegh on a saturday -- check out the mezzanine dream guys, they sell tons of psy pretty cheap as well... walking distance fomr the train station, just opposite KFC (hilarious seeing local pikeys looking confused coming out of kentucky confronted by doofdoofdoof hehe :Wink3: )