Atmos - 2nd Brigade


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Aalborg, Denmark
Atmos – 2nd Brigade


Format: CD
Artist: Atmos
Title: 2nd Brigade
Label: Spiral Trax, Sweden
Cat. #: SPITCD 020
Date: June 4
Year: 2004

Track listing:

01. 08’36†Raumwelt Signal
02. 09’10†Al Bummer
03. 08’14†KNS
04. 08’59†Metro Deluxe
05. 07’00†Umbau
06. 09’15†Scent of a Tunnel
07. 09’44†Transmission In Vain
08. 08’30†Ordinary Weekend


Full-on? This is full-off!

Second album from Atmos! Oh, happy day! ;o) After more than 4 years of waiting since the groundbreaking debut release Headcleaner, Tomasz Balicki is ready to wow us once again…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: First up is Raumwelt Signal… Space-world signal! The intro is slow and relaxed – a simple xylophone melody and random voice muttering… Wind-fx are added to help shape the moody atmosphere… And along the way more fx are added… Percussion, etc… And BAM, a dark distorted gritty bassline… Later, voice-samples saying “Let the bass kick!â€â€¦ From being kind and gentle, this track has evolved into a progressive, technoid, yet slow tune… And I barely even noticed… Check out the industrial-sounding synths towards the end too… Nice track!

#02: Next up is Al Bummer, which conveniently rhymes with summer… ‘Cause this is night-time music for a progressive summer set… When you’ve been chilling all day on the beach in the sun, this is the fuel that’ll keep you dancing all night… Hi-hats, trippy synths, ‘industrial percussion’ – check out the downbeat part in the middle, which progresses into a Hi Hat-studios’esque groove… This on one hell of a funky tune…;o)

#03: KNS is more subtle… A deep, un-polished bassline sets the pace, accompanied by lighter, joyful melodies… Check out the looooong, very cool build-up part from around 2’00 to 3’33 where the bassline is hid away, and the tension is just building… Who is that saying “Do I make myself clear†– Darth Vader? … Just as #1 this track manages to shift from one genre to another almost unnoticeable… That’s great craftsmanship… Lovely!

#04: Metro Deluxe was released as an album-teaser in late 2003, so most of you should know it… It’s definitely on the housier side of things… With wicked analogue layered percussion and twisted stereo-echoes, this is percussion oriented tribal-trance at its best! Beach house trance! Kick-ass track!

#05: It’s fucking mad! Yes, the plot thickens now and the beats get darker… A noisy, analogue bassline, sparse percussion and all kinds of filter-effects are used to create the spooky atmosphere in this track… Again we get distinct techno-influences… Not for the faint-hearted, but an interesting track altogether…

#06: How does a tunnel smell? And even more interesting, how does the scent of a tunnel sound? This track is much more accessible than its predecessor… After a short intro, a twisted acid-line starts in the background…In the foreground are different percussion and a deep, rich bassline… In between it all, is a groovy, sweet vibe holding it all together… Again, we’re in progressive territory, but with a sharper sound… I really like the build-up parts that start @ around 3’00 and again @ 5’05 – and the multilayered mayhem they both end in… Tribal percussion and smooth, driving melodies with the added value of some good old psychedelia… That’s a funky cocktail, and this is some funky shit! ;o)

#07: Power from the get-go… After a few seconds, a hard-hitting bassline is presented alongside some sweet tribal percussion… At around 1’40 the track almost comes to a halt, but is quickly lifted again by a rich bassline and some old-school synth-action…It happens again a couple of minutes later, when we are treated to a lengthy voice sample about space-travel – interrupted by more twisted basslines and spacy synths… Later on we get some kind of female singing/humming and some twisted vocoded voice sample… Another fine, groovy progressive tune… This transmission was NOT in vain Mr. Balicki!

#08: The last track is for chilling… Not! This is a more experimental tune… The bassline and most of the percussion is “normal†but the surrounding sounds are of a more deviant nature… High-pitched melodies and weird guitar squelches – not really my cup of java to be honest… I don’t think this will get much playtime in my stereo…

Despite that I don’t really like the last track; this is a nice album… It’s progressive in nature, though the sound is not as well-polished, as say Son Kite, Kooler or FREq – there are room for more experimentation here [though not as much as the Echölab album] – and it’s obvious that Balicki is heavily inspired by techno, tech-house and the likes… That also means, that this requires a little more from the listener than your ordinary high-bpm trance-album – you need to be open-minded, and if so, you’ll like this album…

Thumbs up for the cover art too… Made by professional skateboarder/graffiti artist Gorm Boberg this cover stand out from the crowd… Reminds me of Spirallianz/Midi Miliz/D-Drum stuff… When Mushroom Mag asked about the name and the cover of the new album, Atmos said: “2nd Brigade means basically the second album after "Headcleaner" but it's supposed to match the cover that is a very ironic picture that might seem a bit brutal the first time you look at it. Basically every one knows how soft and cheesy music I'm producing and also everyone that knows me personally knows that I have sometimes a bit strange sense of humour. My idea was to have a cover that doesn't really go together with the contents of the album.†Actually, I think Warhammer 40000 space marines alongside armoured tanks with huge speakers and playboy bunny logos make perfect sense… ;o)

I like this album… Well, most of it anyway… It takes repeated listens to really sink in, but when it does, it really sits… It is cool how Balicki manages to cross musical boundaries within single tracks – he’s got great talent… Check it out if you want to experience how Atmos has evolved since Headcleaner… Recommended for any open-minded fan of electronic music!


Favourites: 2, 3, 4(!), 6(!!), 7(!)


External links:
Spiral Trax:
Psyshop: (Audio samples available!)
Saiko Sounds:
Chaos Unlimited:

[NOTE: For info on the limited vinyl release, check the Spiral Trax website…]
:wow: :speaker: :partysmi:

Love Atmos! And his sets are sooo :party2: !!

Need to grab this one ASAP!

Death P. thanx for the reviews man! Always deliver! :punk:
Just arrived this morning - its still sat on my desk here with me at work - might have to go home for lunch and have a listen ......
:wow: :wow: :wow:

my days, it's lovely, track 1 an track 7, i sat down and didnt do anything but listen to the cd for the whole thing.

buy it, ooooooozes style... very sophisticated :Wink3:
my god... it's here it's here it's here it's here
all i gotta do is get out of this office and plug in!!!!!! less than 5 hours to go!!!!!
bit slow getting it, but ordered it today
better be good drat :!: :!: :!:
will be your fault if i dont like it :lol:

probly will like it tho, love his 1st album
weeee liiiiiiikeee! though probably not going to be to everyones taste i think this is very cool :Smile3:
On a promise from Anti, still....

"It's in the post..." Hmmm..

Should be getting the Saiko Pod Remixes too...

Bring on the gravy.....!

hmmm ye not to everyones taste....i love it, but I'd be intersted to hear what you all think...
dont wanna sound like im moaning about trance al the time buuuuuuuut
i have to say it, im slightly disappointed by this cd. im a huga fan of his 1st cd and think keine aber doctor or whatever it was called is one of THE best trance tracks ever. im a huga atmos fan to say the least
and i really liked the beginning of this album but then something strange happened

maybe my copy got mixed up during the printing process and slipped over to the section where they awere printing the re-issue of trance anthems '92, cos the middle of the album goes a bit shit really
track 6 in particular

......but then the rest of the album after track 6 is truly awesome, more how i expected it to be

so what happened then? did he rush it and throw in a cple of stinkers to get it out in time for the summer?

thank god the first few tracks and the last few save the album

great stuff, but expected more

i got the oryx album at the same time as it was in the bargain bucket at chaos and to be honest it blows atmos out of the water
never thought id be saying that
meh !

Its alright I suppose - 7 & 8 have been getting played in the car to and fro from work ..... I like them two - Kinda like the first track too ........ Nothing like Head Cleaner or Klein aber .......

... but then we all knew it wouldn't be really .......
Not a bad album but I was hoping for more, it sounds a bit samey to my ears on first listening. Maybe I need to give it more time.

I got it! Along with the new Kruger&Coyle album too..

I'll get to the point in asa few words as possible:

Very stylish and sophistocated. Thick sound - full and ravernous with plenty of streaming soundscapes to wash away the time and cleanse the pontificating palette..

Modern and forefront whilst remaining true to tribe.

This is an artist album simply full of captivating finess..

Clearly a character that oozes an untainted longing and lust for song whilst retaining an acute temprement for expression through harmony and drive.

Very understated and somehow a clear step ahead of the genre.

Psychedelicately for the musically minded. Captivating, caressing and quiality.

This is a strong album. Perhaps the Album X-Dream should have been - which is uncanny given the obvious influence Marcus has had on Thomas throughout his career.

You will be glad you bought it. Get high and emerge yourself in his Lush, lush rivers and lakes of skybound sanctuary...

up next..


Look out for Atmos at boom - if not before (and after)
Whaddya mean Tom?

Do you mean that still doesn't make it any good?


I stand by my review.

Very understated and somehow a clear step ahead of the genre.


I think this album needs some serious momentum right now. Something to give it some (spiral) traction - or it just won't stick.

Let's see him into Boom! :sun:

?? i think the album is wicked! just can predict what a lot of peoples reaction to it will be (but it is there loss!!)
Your right Tom, crowds need hooks - and there are none!

None whatsoever!