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Atomic Pulse
De-Toxicated CD :!:
Spectrum Music Phonokol Israel

1. Trip To Space
2. Extended Vision
3. New World Order
4. The Machine
5. De-Toxicated
6. I Know What I Saw
7. Altered Mind
8. Robotnico
9. Sati

1. Nice opener plenty of bounce factor, off kick electro stabs and it a rising on a Trip 2 Space. Good progression thru the choon. I'm liking this. Well Phat and solid, but not to much to start! Well produced, Looking back one of the choice ones.

2. Small beings with high voices, a deep set bassline thundering off. It swirls and builds momento and freq's out for a bit b4 getting to grips with it again. Towards the end you work out they did it with GMS' younger brother trademarky melody hits work in. but good development again.

3. Funk in the early keyboards, (the order of the world being defined) An Electro tinged accordian creeps in. Just plenty of stuff in there, noises overlapping well and swopping. Funky Fairground Feel, good programming.

4. Big Metallic sheet sound with cinematic soundscapes to go, quite dark moody deranged grit guitar stabs, haunting relentless perc, Getting a bit 303 about it just in time. Bit of a beast. Some weird Housey chords hidden in the layers towards the end, is that you Dimitri??

5. Title track, delayed noises played off each other 2 then 3 then 4, Groovy but not as in teresting as some of the others, grows with some more resonant leads, into a drippy wet break. Then the infected influences come out like many israeli CD's Big ideas.. Into a different final run. Tried something bigger switching lots more in a section but lost site of an overall tune in my opinion, the gel is missing?

6. Perplex steps into the studio, things take a more purposefull feel than the last, nice tight tickey perc, real tight, more wishy washy melodies working better for them. Stops goes to infinity then and then hits it spot on. Really modern but natural perc. Good quality if a little standard psy. Much more of a tune that hangs together as one thing.

7. A robot geezer shouts across the room, catchy lead works its way in there. It's deconstructed and reconstructed in a oforia fashion, then into a bit of a standard israeli psy swirl, V.nice etheral break with good creaks, but not my fav just a bit heard b4.

8. Robotnico!! party bassline from the start, then that melody comes in. Nice light happy yey, good variation totally obvious, but the breath of fresh air you need at this point in the album, (even if its not really fresh air lets face it it's been done b4) But who cares it worx, taking the melody down to a whisper, double it up full power and freq it up. Break it again and send it in a circle, good sub melodies too, high uplifting point to the album. More of that melody then some ravey gear!!

9. Sati gets back to more of the raw power from the start of the CD (little wayward in the middle) Filtered and destorted it suits em. Darker a track that holds together all going too 1 place good! build in the mid section, long and slow, creaky distort lead at 3:30, just building into one that does it at 4:30, and drops spot on the next at 5:00. More organic a fav for me, not so ravetastic bit more grown up? like some at the start.

Not super inventive, definetly israeli, bit ravey for me sometimes, (was expecting the odd more chilled one Remember A.Pulse vs Astrix Valirus hmmmm) but every sound sounds like it belongs there it fits and the production is good. Like the more logical edge they get into some tunes like the first four and the last one. playing noises around and overlapping, think they do this best. A really good album Hangs together as a sound, but I don't think it's got enuff there to keep me coming back that far down the line. Not a classic 4 me but some absolute belters too mix... good DJ fodder!!

Going to do Solstice World Unusual Suspects 2 next... (cause I'm liking it) :Smile3:
nice review mate it sounds like like the run of the mill israel psy sound listened to it in the psy dmt sounded great but the polaris one grip me more might have to get it this weekend beacause there are some great tracks for the decks on there can't wait for your Unusual Suspects 2 review that a phat one i must admit cheers :tongue1:

Yeah Polaris is great mate!! get it. Really bouncy light sound with housey tinges, similar sound thru the CD, but plenty of big smiles. I like it loadz, might review that as well... I feel a wkend of listening to phat tunes coming on hmmm.
I can't help but feel I'm gonna be bored. If I hear one more VB1. I'm serious. You never saw a scene like it. Of all the possible basses one can use/fuse and abuse, they stick to what works wins. Wank.

Well what kind of exploration is that?

That's why I'm deviating into houseier shiz..
Just picked this up yesterday and I gotta say i'm VERY impressed! Its obviously got the israli sound, but its a sound that seems to have progressed since the days of astrix and alien projects early albums!
The intro to the cd on track one is fantastic! (well it was on saturday morning whilst under the influence of nitrus anyway! :P ) Track 2 and 3 are great, track 6 also, and track 8 is the track of the album for me! Has one of those melody hooks that u'll easily recognise when played out!
All in all a great album that will become very used to being in my decks!
goa_kev said:
Just picked this up yesterday and I gotta say i'm VERY impressed! Its obviously got the israli sound, but its a sound that seems to have progressed since the days of astrix and alien projects early albums!

Tough is the word your looking for me thinks. Its just got a bit more balls to it :Grin: and it grooves along but with a tint of a harder edge to it.
Think Atomic Pulse have still got a few more tricks up the ole sleeve, dont think we've seen the best of 'em yet
Had a listen to the samples of this and thought it sounded like the same old stuff that we've heard many times before.

Shame cos I loved stuff like Scientific Reality and 360 degrees. :partysmi:

I think they burst onto the scene and released so much stuff that they ran out of ideas. :Sad: