Audio Units


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Missing-Link said:
whatswrong with logic :Smile3:
better than that cubasis thingy ...where nothing is were it should be :Smile3:

and all does psy peopel use .... :Smile3:

now now lets not get all "my software is bigger than yours"

cubase is the best


looking forward
na seriously though... i wanted to find out about good hipass filter and pan effectes and gates... that come as audio units....

i ak this sause all the psy i listen too seems really spaced out and theres noises in different places and swoos aroud... the pan in logic is not as versetile as id like.... ho and GOOD eq to separate different frequeincies...

not much then :Smile3:


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I use both a mac and a pc, and have oddity for both of them which is a remake of the ARP Odyssey

i had a loan of one once for a couple of months, then when i heard this was coming out i was so happy because i dont think i could live without it.

this is a great sounding little synth for basses especially, odd fm-style sounds, you can even synthesize kicks, do those strange synth sounds that AP does so well (well, used to)

i also like crystal which is free and creates a whole load of different types of sounds (both mac and pc).

orange vocoder is also a must, a vocoder with built in synth as well as pi warp which modulates your sounds to create a new scale of sound (alien-style).

hope thats enough for now!