'ave a listen to the new album by DJ Peace

Spacedout Dazza

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All the tunes from his last album 'The other side of Darkness' and all the new tracks from 'Re-Birth 2004' streaming to your pc.

It's a mix of trance styles with a positive, trippy feeling influenced by his 8 years playing around the London underground...he may be Italian but London trance is in his heart and soul now!!!

Click on the link to listen


Whatdaya reckon fellow mushroom munchers?

Peace, Love & Spacedout Infinity Sounds


Throb Farmer
I reckon you didn't include a link. Thats what I reckon.


Spacedout Dazza

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Well spotted mate!!!

I was at the Soundshaft last night and I'm off to Convergence in a minute...the brain is trying it's best to keep up but not succeeding!!!

...and thanks

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