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Hi, I don't really know if I like your forum or not but there's every chance it will be Great Fun. I promise not to make it rubbish before I know enough of you for it to be an Adorable Personality Feature that's Just SO Me. At worst I'll just say predictable inane things. like this.

Hell-00! lolz


WHEEE!!!! :hehe:
Uh I am still quite new so cant really speak 'for forum' but I am certainly loving it here (please disregard any association with McD commercials... immediately!!)
its is just ALL THAT and more since its not just a faceless forum.. have met quite a few (srummy) peeps already its like a 3-d forum if you wish!!

not that I play a lot of computer games or am a slightly nerdy _but_ hypothetically speaking I could be on another forum or two which (If this indeed was the case) are nothing compared to this... bit like fizzy drinks with no bubbles. and that is just silly!!!! :P

So please bring your fizz'n'bubbles and share !!

LiLo x :Grin: :welcome:
Hey there welcome to psyforum UK, visit as much as possible :tongue1: :smokingr:
thanks for the hellos guys, i feel welcome like a bulldozer in a knife fight. Fatality! :Smile3:

LiloFerret: Other Forums? I Know No Other Forums. :Wink3: But nerd, I know. The Everlasting geek touches me deep.

/me wearily shares his Fizz and Bubbles, but hides the best stuff at the back, in a box
hello.... and welcome... :jump: :jump:

i really cant explain it man, but your picture thingy really creeps me out.... :sad: :Sad:

hope you re smilling under all this creeeepynesss
kissess.... :P