Axis 8 or 9?


Anyone who has a pair of either...advice please! :ibiggrin:

I'm gonna get myself a pair of either 8 or 9, as I understand it the diffrences are 8 has Midi control, which sounds interesting and 9 doesnt, but 9 has a touch sensitive Jog....

bascially what I wana know, apart from Scratching, is the touch sensitive very usefull?

I've been looking for applications of the Midi control, but nothing yet, anyone had any luck doing interesting things with this? coz I dont really like mixing on decks anymore, its the reason I switched to Live!, but I have to get some, so might as well get some I can do somthing diffrent with than just mix 2 choons...?

and last, the most important, which one keeps the best time?

Thanks Peepz!

nb.please no comments about getting Pioneers instead, coz I'm getting these for various reasons :Smile3:


Joe Cartoon
yeh gd choice mate the axis 9s are far too erartic with the beatmatchin for my likin, gna try n swap mine 4 some axis 8s


Champagne Rouletter
I used 8's - couldn't get on with the cue points after my decks, but build quality was super nice, and I like the filter - good enough to use on some of my tracks actually :Wink3:


am lovin them :Grin: only had a mess around for a few hours, but really like the spin on the jog wheel, much faster than the pioneers, which I really like, hmm I wasnt excatly given the best adive tho I think, they can only do 1 effect at a time, which is a pain in the arse, I woz lookin forward to doin that! but nevermind, can key change + effect and reverese so itz all good, scratchin workz really well, mite actually give that a go, loopz are pants lol hmm unless you setup the bpm counter, mayb i will learn how to use that properly as I can see it has its uses! :Grin:

very pleased, glad to have spent the money on these rather than pioneerz :iyes: