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my name is delphine and i run imps (www.chez.com/impsbiz all comments welcome).
emma (psilobabe clothing) has finally managed to "grab" me here...
so i will have a little look around and hope i have my uses soon costume-making or else.

grins and...
please send us your pictures of the glade...
we were the white fairies on friday and the green costumes on saturday

thanks buckets for your smiles

It was so nice to see/meet you at last at Glade.

Great costumes - I'm still in training.
no problem *:O)

ah costumes... no worries... loads of practice i had...
i like yours... a little on the "risky" side (for me...for that kind of gigs...personnal opinion...don't want you grabbed all over and get fed-up and run home or hide under a wooly polo-neck...) but... you have the body to get away with it...
keep going *:OD
Hello Delphine mate! Bout time you got yer butt over here! :Grin: :welcome: theres a pic of you here....*rummages*

nice i have a pic of the costume YOU made for me...
your needles rock... very cosy *:O)
hehe...hope to find one of you quick (sure...i pick the best or...ask you first).

oh...anyone recorded the 6pm news on national tele... imps was on... would be ace to have a copy.

all photos, footage welcome...just contact and send (i refund CDs and post and full credit to the artist).

just...please be carefull about imps stuff on personnal sites (best keep onto imps, venue/event site and photographers we said yes to)...
off course...the best we do...the more trouble we get.
please help keep us going (you would not believe the shxt i got from imps pics on personnal sites....example...one of them...well photos of us were sold to people...can't have that with a dance troupe...already often don't charge much the festivals for the expenses involved; not up to have our butts up for other's illegal and rude MONEY profit...).
aya sweetie :wub: ,see you all at turaya????
oh, i don't know... yunno i was burried in costumes...now i wash, iron...etc... gonna have a look *:O)
i give you a bell sometime... need to chat to a fellow performer about stuff.
laterz seagoblin...
hey... going in costume???
oh...please say yes *:OD
Hiya Delphine,

An I met you with The Psychedelic acid fairy at Origin (and oOemmaOo, Hiya :Smile3: ) so I read your intro in a Sexy French accent :Smile3:
Costume looked wicked, top marks Emma :Wink3:

Welcome to our groovy forum

:sun: :sun: :sun:

:party2: :party2:
yeah... i dunno who The Psychedelic acid fairy is though???
i get lost with people's many names...

funny hey... red hair patchwork skirt or imps costume and french accent is easy to spot at festivals... lucky me... and a big laugh from merlin who booked us (thought she would have to hunt be...spotted me 2 mins after 1st entered the crew area... yeeeeaaaaah - easy is good to me).
oh, i am so glad thst after 10 years of making costumes for others...emma made mine... oh luxury *:OD

oh the origin stage was so lush... fair play to the frogz *:OP
Psychadelic Acid Fairy was the girl on Sunday with Ratty, she had the lovely pony falls with the crazy dreads braided in - really cute face!! Remember??
yep *:O) thanks for the description...you star - lush hair *:OD
by the way... yours was ace!!!

How can you forget PAF?
not forget... i just didn't know that cute face and fab hair was PAF...
i am not too good with names... remember faces though... and... well... with a fab hair do... even better *:O)

hello technognome... you i know who you are - giggle - although... somehow a hat comes to my mind - laugh *:OD
Hey Delphine!
Late reply to ur intro,sorry! Yeh, yet another photo of me on the forum *cringe*
:welcome: and hope to see u again sometime!