Aye up chuck!


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Near Chester
My friend Tortoise got me into psy trance music and has been raving about this forum for ages so i thought i'd pop along and see what all the fuss was about.

You seem like a nice lot with some crazy lives!!!!

I am a relative newbie to psy music and am still coming to terms with names and venues etc. So please forgive me if i have to ask obvious questions!

Anyway i'm based at the mo in North Wales (nr Chester) and spend alot of time in Manchester (where i used to live).. I love the free party scene and love my friends. I have a cat called Karma and anyhting else you'll learn as we go on.

Hugs Flowerchild
flowerchild.. what a lovely name :wub:

:welcome: i think you'll find everything satisfactory :Grin:

Bonjour...welcome to our groovy forum..we like to partaaaaaaaaaaaaay

:sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun:
:speaker: :speaker: :speaker: :speaker: :speaker:
:shrooms: :party2: :party2: :shrooms: :party2: :party2:
Hi Flowerchild. :welcome: to the forum. You off to Relativity at the weekend?
'elo elo.
welcome to the forum.
Some of us have real 3D lives.........honest :Wink3:
fellow mancunian eh? Give us a pm if ya looking for party options ever, i know of more than just psy parties. And we throw our own occasionally just on the outskirts.
hey flowerchild....it's always nice to see new people joining the scene, you'll learn a lot and meet many new people here, have a good time and keep raving and partying etc.......I'll be living in Manchester from the end of Sep, maybe i'll see u there some time.....take care x

Manchester parties

Hi Nanook et al.

Although living in Wales at the mo i did live in Manc land for years and go back there a lot.

In fact going back this weekend for Stumblefunk party near Rochdale this Sat. Anyone going?
hey flowerchild :welcome: to the forum, come on in & be part of the fuss :P
hello flowerchild :Smile3: i like your name too...

One of these days i hope to travel up to manchester for some psytrance - perhaps i will run into ya :Smile3: :sun: