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....what were you listening to that blew your mind? I'm looking to get hold of a load of wicked old psychedelic trance and goa as this seems to be when it was at its best. The stuff of just psychedlia that hits the centre of thr brain and isnt destroyed with rediculous samples is the stuff that i love, like on tribal science from 94, and other things a bit more well known such as old tip singles or phosphoresence.
Any suggestions of things that i need to buy?

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You want old stuff??? Well for starters check the following of the top of my head, if you can find 'em :Wink3:

Prana - Cyclone (Matsuri)
Hallucinogen - Twisted (Dragonfly/Twisted recs)
Transwave - Helium (Matsuri)
Total Eclipse - Delta Aquarids (Blue Room Released)
Yellow - Various (Tip Records)
Orange - Various (Tip Records)
Blue - Various (Tip Records)
Phosphorescence (Tip Records)
Beyond Colour (Tip Records)
Order Odonata (Dragonfly)
Order Odonata 2 - Experminents that Identify Change (Dragonfly)
Order Odonata 3 - The Technical use of Sound in Magick (Dragonfly)
X-Dream - We Created Our Own Happiness (Tunnel Recs/Avatar recs)
X-Dream - Radio (Blue Room Released/Insyde Media)
First Flight - Various (Flying Rhino)
Air Born - Various (Flying Rhino)
Technossomy - Synthetic Flesh (Flying Rhino)
The Truth of Communication - Various (Matsuri)
Abstract Phaze - Various (Matsuri)
Resonance Mood - Various (Matsuri)
OOOD - Alive (Cabbaged)
Shakta - Silicon Trip (Dragonfly)
UX - Ulimate Experience (Dragonfly)
Astral Projection - Trust in Trance (Tip records)
Doof - Let's Turn On (Tip records)
The Infinity Project - Feeling Weird (Tip Records)
3D - Various (Tip Records)
Orichalum and the Deviant - Orichalum and the Deviant (Tip Records)
Tip Singles Vol 1, 2 and 3 (Tip Records)
Pleiadians - I.F.O (Dragonfly)
Etnica - Alien Protein (Blue Room Released/Insyde Media)
Koxbox - Dragon Tales (Blue Room Released)
The Eternal Frequency - various (Phantasm Records)
Future Psychedelia vol 1 - Various (Psychic Deli records)
Future Psychedelia vol 2 :Psychedelic Electronica - Various (Psychic Deli Records)
Psychedelic Electronica 2 - Various (Psychic Deli records)

And many many more :Smile3: Alot of these are unavailable now. Check for more info. Some of these turn up on E-bay from time to time. On another note, I have 2 of these for sale/swap, namely Prana - Cyclone(Japanese issue released on Matsuri Japan) and Blue - Various on Tip records. Both on CD.
Btw, another shameless plug, but if anyone wants any old stuff on vinyl, I have loads to get rid off, LP's and EP's, alot of old promos and test pressings etc.....

Good Luck :Grin: :peace:


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Nice one mate! Looks like a good list there to me....will check out for sure. Anyone else got any old skool neccesessaries to add to the list?

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got some psy vinyl to let go of cheap to good home..all 95 - 96 ..Hallucinogen, Prana, Phreaky n stuff ?...95 - 96 is my favourite period for Goa stuff....its when I FIRST HEARD IT, SO HOLDS GOOD MEMORIES :Smile3: