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straight outta crowthorne
for some reason i havent been able to write psytrance for the last six months or so, but when i started writing this one it was obvious thats what it would turn out as. plenty of criticism please (im sure that wont be difficult :lol1: )

its the one called pulse wave
V nice.
I let this tune play as I was making dinner, allowing it to sink in through the back of my head as it was.
At the start I thought that maybe you could have had some other background elements for.plp to loss them selves in. Nothing bold just subtle.
Then I heard the small break at about 1:46 I think ,which I liked very much and also the later shift in to ¾. This is something that I don’t find in many tunes of late and that’s a shame as I like the plodding feel of ¾.
Rest of the tune doesn’t linger on any one them for to long and holds your interest.
As for production It sound fine but I cant really say as the desk top speakers on the PC I’m using at the mo aren’t great but listening through shite speakers is usually a good way of detecting shit production and I found none here.
Keep it going I hope this is the end of you six month Psy-trance block
:Grin: :Grin: :Grin:
I fink we all get this from time to time... sometimes it doesn't pay to push it, you just end up getting sick of something you love.

Anyhow, glad you're back at it now.

The tune then...


It is pretty cool! I particularly like the break into triplets, and the section afterwards with the floaty melody is very nice too. Maybe one or two slight problems with levels earlier on???? But only slight. Love the wobbly pad noise at the end.

Keep it up! Good work!