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hey guys i need some help ..... i have designed a few backdrops and i got some material, but im a bit stuck on what paints to use , i thought acrylic would work well and someone suggested fabric paints to me. which ones do you suggest/use? and where can i get them? (bearing in mind that i live in bristol)

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dave arc-i

stage electrics i think has a place in bristol - theatrical chandlers is what you are looking for

best two types of paint imho are rosco vivid fx and bolloms - roscos is pre mixed at about £18.00 for 468ml (a US pint) or bolloms comes as a powder that you mix (they both work out at very much the same price for the same amount of paint) - i would also suggest adding roscos flamex50(?) flamex something thats a nbr a anyway to the paint before use - acrylic paint uses plasticisers which are flammable when dry and flamex overcomes this problem - it also comes with a tech data sheet which is useful to produce if trying to get a fire cert for them or to hse on any inspections at the venue