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hello, and thankyou for reading this thread, we hope we can help...

we are a multi-media company and network hub for the psychedelic scene,
heres a list of the things that we do:

Live Visualisations--
interactive and live to the music that is playing, fully beat reactive, like a live visual p.a for your nite. we can personalise them to your event with dj names, logo's and anything else you would like included. incorporates advanced Winamp, combustion and 3d studio max. Original and complex, very different to anything you have seen before.

Sound recording--
does exactly what it says on the tin....

Bad By Design & Chris H decoration--
we have some very big bags of u.v drapes, string, objects and general u.v madness to cater for your decor needs......all drapes are u.v and hand painted in india, they are all really beautiful and we have many designs.

Web Site Design--
we are skilled in flash, fireworks, 3d studio max, combustion, director, html. we can create custom websites to suit your needs.

Graphic Design--
skilled graphic design created with photoshop, flash, quark express, 3d studio max and illustrator. print based media and photographic techniques also intergrated.
We can design flyers (100% original imagery custom to feel of night), advertising, magazines, anything that you need, all at a professional standard.

Events management--
give us a call and we can help get your event up and running.

we have access to a range of stomping psychedelic dj's and put you into contact with them. For example, elysium, crispy wonga, enjin, chats, rigbic, ergo synthesis project and many others...... we also know various people with large sound-systems.

each service is provided to the highest professional standards

if you are interested in any of these services please contact:

::Bad By Design::

::Jon (elysium) >>> 07960 494 178


::kym >>> 07754 686 832

thankyou and best wishes from Bad By Design xx