Bamboo Forest Album Coming Soon


Fried for too long
hot damn i want this baaad!
what are we to expect?

Is it similar to Random Future?

whens the release date?

Dj Ruod-Rik

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hi the released date its end of November 2004

the style wait and see :Smile3:

more info:



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I rekon it will be Funky\Groovy In da place, like only bamboo can do!! :Wink3:

:sun: :shrooms: :sun: :shrooms: :sun:


Fried for too long
two bloody years later.... my god
they have had some pretty bad luck with their albums what with flying rhino going bust just when they were releasing random future and this one taking an age to finally materialise...

Georgie...your such a granny


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Its bad isn't it Chris.... I've been up for this CD for ages....

There Set @ Sonica was my fav Live Psy!!

Looks as if MP have some cash flow probs, possibly???


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i hope your right and its being rleeased - i really liked him at sonica *quiet georgie* - but not expecting this to come out on time :Smile3:

Full Lotus

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Forum Supporter want me to move this to new releases?????

Jon Kenobi

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yep still waiting on this one.....a whole year later after I first ordered it!