Bamboo Forest New Album


Direct DJ
MP Records
Bamboo Forest:

Due Early 2005, no samples yet...

1. Revival
2. Yes,but...
3. Gallactic
4. Karmatik
5. Just in case
6. Variable
7. Ipanema
8. Mp
9. Sign

umm looking forward to this, big time!!!

Will Dogon

been waiting for this for faarrrrrrr too long...

the date for release keeps going back and back and back......

......and still no samples :mad: boooooooo

Should be pretty kicking tho - looking forward to it :bananada:

Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
and still we wait..........

Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
canyouhearthegoblins said:
now 14TH May :lol1:

Chaos are now saying 14th JUNE!

After all the messing around that happened with the last album I reckon they are just having a laugh with everyone.........but I for one am not laughing. I've had it on pre order since eeeeeerm God its been so long I kanne remember........end of October I think it was???????

All together now "Why are we waiting, whhhhhhyyyy are we waiting............"


Direct DJ
Bamboo Forest Must be cursed, can you remember the fuck up on there first album...
They sold it to Flying Rhino, who managed to do the artwork etc, then go bust B4 releasing it,
it then took them two years to get the tracks back, update all the tracks cause they sounded out of date, re package and artwork cause that looked crap and out of date and then release with Vision Quest Japan!
(Which was well worth the wait)

MP Records took about 6 months to release there last release "Summer Session", the tracklist and artwork was done, 6 months B4 it hit shops, in time for errmmmm WINTER! Maybe MP have some Cash Flow problems Me tinks!