Bamboo New Album.


Ok, we have all been waiting for around 9 months for this release and it finally cropped up on psy-shop!

Because Bamboo are know for thier unique style of phat rumbling bass lines, crunchy effects and twisted rythms and the fact that this album has been promised for so long, males it very tempting to blindly purchase - which I did!


Step away from the mouse and do not click 'purchase'!

It is awefull. More than awefull, it runs the risk of destroying everything you once liked about the French duo - who now consist of one person not two and clearly the originality left along with him.

Its not even the irritating and contrived vocals that pervade the whole album which will really piss you off, its the fact that the music has had a lobotomy! All the tweaks and unpredictable twisting synths have been removed - a standard bass line has been slapped on and a generic indian vocal over used.

I also bought Human blue chill out album and I'm hoping that it will reaffirm my faith.


I saw them the week later at Ozara in Hungary and I thought they were fantastic !! I had a new found respect for them.


not a bum!
I think there may be big gap between the music of the album and what they are producing now. then again, will we have to wait 2 years between the announcement and the actual release of the next album??

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