:bananadance: biodiesel :bananadance:

I know someone who makes biodiesel to sell, he's on a farm somewhere in North Wales.
There's arguments for and against. You still get emissions of toxic by-products but it's recycled fuel. I am very much in favour of biodiesel but only on a small scale. If it becomes popular enough that people start growing crops just to produce the vegetable oil, it will become unsustainable.
Of course, you can only use it in a diesel engine, and then you need to convert the engine a little I think, but the best kids drive diesels anyway cos it's generally better fuel economy.
What I want to know is, can you convert sound system generators to run on biodiesel?
yeah i think so.it seems you can use it in any diesel engine.some needing converting in some minor way or another.
i think there are also different kinds of bio fuels ie;running on pure vege oil or mixtures.not totally sure about all this yet but i recieved a book on it the other day and am booking myself on the coarse mentioned above.when i have learned more i will be sure to share.
i am not sure that you are right about the farming side of it becoming non sustainable.from what i have heard it offers to revive the much battered farming economy if only a little and there are probably uses for any bi products of the plants used.
also have read that the emmissions are far less than that of conventional diesel.100%in cases of carbon dioxide and other carcinogenics.
seems a good way forward even if it just makes up a proportion of fuel use.every little helps.