Bands with best/worst names


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Blacklight District
Good: Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine.

Bad: Limp Bizkit.

Good: Husker Du

Bad: Mumford & Sons (name for a chippy)

Good: Cocteau Twins

Bad: Clan of Xymox (sounds like a support group for benzo addicts)

what else.
(name for a chippy)

Or a carpet warehouse.

Bad: Clan of Xymox (sounds like a support group for benzo addicts)

No way! I always liked Clan of Xymox, though I take your point about the benzo addicts. Also, xerox machines.

OK, some nominations off the top of my head, in no order:

Good - This Mortal Coil

Bad - Showaddywaddy

Good - dgoHn (pronounced John)

Bad - Biffy Clyro. Whyyyyyy?

Good - Godspeed You! Black Emperor, though in my head it reads as Godspeed! You Black Emperor.

Bad - Menswear. Fucking Menswear, FFS! Their music was straight outta Burton's chino aisle as well. YAWN

Good - The Haxan Cloak

Bad - The War On Drugs

Good - Errorbeauty

Bad - Dälek. I mean, I love them and I know it is supposed to be pronounced "dialec" (as in "dialectic"), but all I see is Dr. Who.

Good - The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus

Bad - The Presidents of the United States of America

Good - Nine Inch Nails

Bad - Nickelback

Good - The Velvet Underground

Bad - The Cardigans

Good - Pussy Riot

Bad - Anal Cunt

Good - Pope John Paul Van Damme. I know this one is very silly, but it makes me chuckle every time.

Bad - Hootie And The Blowfish. This one really rustles my jimmies. Why would anyone in their right mind listen to music by a band called Hootie and the Blowfish? You just know it is going to be fucking terrible.
Some friends of mine had a punk band called The Runs, in the late '70s. They gave away badges with the inscription "Can you dance with The Runs?" in dripping brown writing.
They have the distinction of being probably the only band to have a single banned by the BBC that didn't become a hit as a result...
Was it a good name or bad? You decide...
Oh there is even a Japanese band called Ruins, I love them, they like a heavier version of Magma; the name is ok I guess.

Bad: Chumbawamba.

Good: Atari teenage Riot

Bad: Cherry Poppin Daddies (?!)

Good: mùm

Bad: all the stoner bands with weed references in the name; Bongripper, Dopelord, Weedeater, Toke, Bongzilla, Bong Wizard, like ok I get it, you smoke.

Good: Wolves in the Throne Room

Bad: Hoobastank
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I was thinking that female-fronted bands are also quite hit-and-miss:

Good: Daisy Chainsaw, Bikini Kill, The Bangles, The Breeders, Hole, Warpaint

Bad: Spice Girls, Destiny's Child, Wilson Phillips, All Saints, Sugababes

And The Go-Go's is a solid name, but the apostrophe gets on my tits. The go-go's what, tho?
Good: Feargal Sharkey

Bad: Bono
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