Bang & Olufsen Classic System - for sale


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Good afternoon...

I am the very proud owner of a gorgoeus B&O BeoCentre 2200, and B&O BeoGram CDX... although the time has come to sell up in favour of buying a van...

I know the add is a bit waffley, but for those who know B&O, i'm sure you'll appreciate it :ismile:

Righty Ho....

BeoCenter 2200

1984 - Price then £465

BeoCenter 2200 was a distinctive high fidelity system offering 3-waveband radio, record player and cassette facilities in a very compact, slim-line format. Maximum power output was 2 x 25 watts RMS.
The radio section covered long, medium and FM bands. Four favourite FM stations could be pre-set for instant recall. A horizontal thumbwheel on the front of the unit controlled manual tuning: the large graph-grid tuning scale was very easy to see and use.
The record deck featured the (then) latest Bang & Olufsen tone arm carrying the ultra-light MMC 5 pickup. Operation was entirely automatic and needed just a single touch on the PHONO button. Built-in logic circuits identified the size and speed of any record placed on the lightweight turn-table and would cue the pickup arm onto the run-in groove with absolute accuracy and safety.
The cassette recorder had electronic control so you could switch directly between, say, fast rewind and PLAY without danger of straining the mechanism or damaging the tape. Dolby B noise reduction and automatic selection between ferric and chrome tapes was included. Metal tapes could also be used, so you were assured of top class sound quality for those really special recordings.
Listening to tapes was also quick and easy: the NEXT button allowed you to scan the tape track by track until you found the one you wanted to hear.
The recommended speakers for use with this system was the BeoVox X25.
Connections: Mono microphone; 2 pairs speakers; headphones; external tape recorder with two-way copying; AM and FM aerials.
Finish: matt dark grey with alloy turntable and trim.

BeoGram CDX

1986 - Price then £470

A compact disc player designed to work with any Beomaster or Beocenter with a Tape socket, or a turntable connection designed for use with a Beogram with a built in RIAA preamp. Despite the sleek looks, the CD X is really a Philips CD104, a conventional looking boxy machine, and was built in the Philips factory in Belgium.
Despite being based on 14 bit architecture, the pre-eminence of Philips in the digital audio field at the time blessed the CD X with superior performance figures to the Japanese based Beogram CD 50, though it lacked the latter's remote control and Datalink possibilities. The claims of universal compatibility with earlier systems are certainly true, it even works perfectly with the Beomaster 900! For those users with no spare sockets left, the CD/Tape adaptor (see accessories section) allows one to "break in" to the tape recorder lead and connect the CD player. This unit fits under the side of the CD X, and has a little push button to select between the two sources.

The sound quality is amazing - as with anything from B&O... I'd love to keep it, but I'd rather have a van :P
For a quick sale I'd like £600 for both, though its worht more if I can be bothered advertising on B&O sites etc...
Go on - treat yourself! xXx