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It wasn me
Who says Squatjuice is berift of anythinmg worthwhile ?

Found this on a current thread, It's a short animation ( Quicktime ) called what Barry says about Amerca, and I highly recomend you all give it a look.
It is " A reaction to U.S foreign policy in the middle east "

About the artist :

the Vid :

It's only about 25 Meg

Couldn't decide whether to put in in here or media prod stuff, oh well it is a fine example of both.....

Enjoy !

Last edit - the poinent ( sp? ) ending :
"None of us really matter to them "

Ok I thought the voiceover was cool - but I couldn't see the point of the graphics. Just didn't seem to add anything, infact they were abit distracting to the voiceover.

In terms of getting a point accross I'd have gone with some real life footage. Iraq war, Palestine etc. Maybe layering some of the 3d model stuff over the top in places. Very nice graphics none the less.

PHLUR :sun:
Yeah, I see your point mate.

I would say though I took it's to be a peice of art, rather than a documentary. It has a message to put across in like five minuites.
You are right, the graphics doesn't *add* anything to it, but I found the animation kinda served to underline what he was saying in the voiceover, help the emphasis, while sticking to predetermind style of the piece.
Yep think your right on it being a peice of art.

As such I think it can be forgiven for the stylistic use of visuals.

Generally I find that usually the visuals get more attention in multimedia than the audio component which I feel loses the potential of the medium. Not so much when the producers are from a TV background tho.

Went and read the biog bits;

My style is about making visual statements within my work and finding ever more innovative ways of working one statement into another. I'm also all about juxtaposing type with image.

Not sure why but that sort of statement just makes me cringe!

I think I want the artist to say something more substantive or nothing at all. What happens when he runs out of 'innovative ways' & to be honest 'juxtaposing type with image' is what the entire design industry seems to be about these days.

Kind of why I appreciate psy-art is cause it respects asthetics rather than disappearing up its own intellectual arse. :rolleyes:

PHLUR :sun:
I wasn't really paying much attention to the message - that whole "America crushes all that inconvenience it's steamrollering path towards ruling the Empire of United Sates of World" thing has been done loads but the presentation was first rate IMO.

Particularly interesting the way the stylised tricks that were used are most commonly associated with Nazi Germany and the like.