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Update from BATTERY 1 to BATTERY 2:
Registered BATTERY 1.x users will be able to update to BATTERY 2 for 99.- Euro/ 119.- US-Dollar (including the 3.5 GB sample library).
This update will be available on DVD (no download update). :unsure:

:wow: It even has f**king eq now. Only about 3 years too late mind.
Oh my, this is going to be a biggie for me. I dearly love Battery.

No other drum sampler offers as much ease of use as Battery for me. Is about time it gets an EQ and compressor though!

Finally I can do cool stuff to Battery sounds *before* I faff around with group channels!

Oh happy day... :Grin:

And midi controllable loop points :wizard1: Bitcrusher, pitch envelopes etc... Finally i dont have to use Kontakt for everything this is so much easier (and hopefully less buggy!) :Grin:
Sounds fabulous

Where's the cheapest place to get Battery 2 if you're not a registered Battery 1 user?

And I don't have a DVD-ROM - am I buggered?
Been looking forward to this day... So let me know when someone finds the cracked version. :Wink3:
Seems to be fairly heavy on CPU usage though I suppose it is doing rather more than v1... I really like the new look, very clear, and they've obviously spent a lot of time thinking about how to present the information you need to know. Shame you can't have EQ and a filter simultaneously though.