battery 2

Oh my, this is going to be a biggie for me. I dearly love Battery.

No other drum sampler offers as much ease of use as Battery for me. Is about time it gets an EQ and compressor though!


Throb Farmer
still no filter though? bah.


And midi controllable loop points :wizard1: Bitcrusher, pitch envelopes etc... Finally i dont have to use Kontakt for everything this is so much easier (and hopefully less buggy!) :Grin:

Warwick Bassmonkey

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Sounds fabulous

Where's the cheapest place to get Battery 2 if you're not a registered Battery 1 user?

And I don't have a DVD-ROM - am I buggered?


Been looking forward to this day... So let me know when someone finds the cracked version. :Wink3: