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hey all
i have NI Battery running through Cubase SX 2.0 which was workin great until my computer kinda died then woke up, with a new desktop and most of my files still there, which was a huge relief. wasnt too bad a recovery, had to re-install a few things, move a few things, but i'm generally fully recovered.
except for Battery. i load all my drum samples into Battery in the form of a kit, then write em out in midi. duh. but since the crash, if i have more than one sample running simultaneously, the drum sounds lag really bad, like they're in time but sounds like theyre timestretched and they click really badly.
as it is i have to write out one drum track at a time then burn it down. battery just wont play multiple samples at the same time anymore.
anyone had this problem?
brief and concise as ever :P:P:P:P
SX2 has a new form of plugin delay compensation which doesn't play nicely with Battery 1.0 or Kontakt, earlier than 1.5.


Go to Devices>Plug-in Information, and in the 'VST Plugins' tab there will be a heading 'O', with an 'R' for each plugin. Expand that 'O' and you'll see that it stands for 'Old Host Behaviour'. Scroll down to where 'Battery' is (usually in the blue section) and click on the 'R' next to it - you should see a checkmark appear.

What this does is it forces SX to use VST5's delay compensation algorithm for the plugin listed, and your skipping sample problem should disappear after a restart. Oh, and because it's an SX rather than a Project setting, you only have to do it once.

Hope this helps,

sounds like it could do the trick...
i'll give it a go and get back to you!
This fix for battery which you wrote more than 4 years ago Joe just helped me out alot, so thanks! :Grin: Was driving me crazy trying to work out why was clicking
Woah, I thought someone had hijacked my account for a second there, until I saw the date of the post.
Amazing that Phillax even found the thread with the answer to his problem !!!