Battle Royal


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Battle Royal

Track List
1 - Heliotrope - Hellion 136bpm
2 - SunControlSpecies - Searching the spiral arm 138bpm
3 - Tantrumz - Fiddlestix (Sensum remix) 138bpm
4 - Metronome - Orange 138bpm
5 - Tetraktys - Sphere 139bpm
6 - Sensient - Mind Control 139bpm
7 - Sensum - Mental floss 142bpm
8 - The higher human form - I hear them call 142bpm
9 - Heliotrope - Inelastic 136bpm
10 - Yotopia - Spark 139bpm

Right, firstly I gotta say if this hadn't been recommended to me, I probably wouldnt have given it a second glance for 2 reasons:
1; I'm more of a full on fan
2; I only recognised 1 artist on here
However, i'm glad it was!
With Battle Royal you get a really deep progressive album! U can tell a lot of time and effort has gone into the tracks and they really are journeys!

Track 1 - Heliotrope - Hellion
Nice ery start to the CD here. You get a nice bouncy bassline and some great bongo percussion. Some nice melodies which build with the tune. A good starter that already gives u that 'deep' feeling. Like it! :Smile3:

Track 2 - SunControlSpecies - Searching the spiral arm
Once again this track starts with an ery feel, this time with more of a rolling bouncy bassline. A good combination of sounds with a slight morning feel to it. Not one of my favs but definately moves along nicely!

Track 3 - Tantrumz - Fiddlestix (Sensum remix)
Interesting vocals at the beginning of this track that immidiately causes anticipation, then u get that familar proggy beat kick in. Deep deep deep feel to it! Some excellent background noises used hear which gives the track a very trippy feel! Having not heard the original I cannot say if its a good remix or not, but as a track on its own, I like it! :Smile3:

Track 4 - Metronome - Orange
Love the intro to this one, you just know your in for a journey! Raising the level a bit here with a more rolling bassline. Another deep track that gathers sounds along its journey with nice melodies. My kind of proggy track! Just keeps building and building. :Grin:

Track 5 - Tetraktys - Sphere
Another builder here. Raising the pace a bit, you get a mysterious track with yet another deep feeling to it! getting more of a techy vibe from this one. The track works well and has a nice melody towards the end.

Track 6 - Sensient - Mind Control
My kind of intro!! Love it!! These are the kinda sounds I want from a progressive track! Harder bassline here that brings you closer to the 142s nicely. Get a kind of spiritual feel from this track, with a woodland twist! :hehe: Some good percussion work, this track just sounds like its having fun! Like it! :Grin:

Track 7 - Sensum - Mental floss
First of the two 142s here and a very nice track! Morning vibes all over it! A funky track that would put a smile on your face when heard out! Another deep feeling track with another nice journey to it! Groovy! Theres a sample in this that I swear ive heard in a protoculture track. If not then its very similar! :Smile3:

Track 8 - The higher human form - I hear them call
A stomping deep proggy track here! Tribal! One that u just get down to and dance! Lovely melodies with nice percussion work. I can imagine an army of psy revellers all grooving to this! Morningness at the end! Like it! :Smile3:

Track 9 - Heliotrope - Inelastic
Nicely back down to 136 with this one. That familar proggy bass with sounds that u could just quite happily zone out to. Definately a builder, with nice echos towards the end! Simple, but effective!

Track 10 - Yotopia - Spark
Fav track on the album! Great bongo percussive start, soon joined with hi hats, nice squelchy noises, morning melodies, then boom, into the bassline. Funky as! Loving the morning feel to this! Progesses nicely along untill the breakdown and build up towards the end, which is fully psychedelic! A good happy way for the CD to end! :Grin:

A good deep proggesive comp with varying styles! U get a bit of everything with this CD! Its releases like this that are getting me more and more into progressive psy, keep em coming!