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tell me what you fink of dis trak, cos it's been remixed, demixed and now i need opinions...

sets of at quite a pace, and stays that way!

can't really be arsed with ambient breakdowns, so there isn't one.

peas n fluff.

eek.. :unsure:
I don’t know why but the intro makes me think of some far flung topical jungle, humid and lush but maybe this review is getting to poetic.
It really builds up nice to around 1:33 sounding very full and it dose kind of break around the 4:00 mark but without really letting the rhythm go…nice
This one would keep me dancing as long as need be. Good work.
Like it Psytrix. Keeps a good momentum. Even at 9 in the morning it had my feet a tappin’ and my head a bobbin’. Keep up the good work m8.
Thanx. it's currently undergoing surgery in the kick department, as i've just learnt how to make stompin kicks with Hydra vst...
will re-post it when i've done it.
also thinkin of takin out a coupla sounds, as i've been told it sounds a bit 'frequency crowded'