Beat Bizarre - Somersault Industries (Iboga Records 2005) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
Beat Bizarre – Somersault Industries


Artist: Beat Bizarre (Denmark)
Title: Somersault Industries
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Iboga Records (Denmark)
Cat. #: IBOGACD29
Date: 18 March 2005

Track listing:

01. 08’58†Milk Tooth
02. 09’21†Content May Differ
03. 08’59†Stereorganic
04. 08’59†A’quatet
05. 07’54†Ding Dong Dynamo
06. 09’12†Snowflake Shake
07. 09’02†Analogical
08. 08’58†2 Lame 2 Blame


Flip Flop Incorporated...

This is an impressive 29th CD-release by proggy Danish progressive front-runner label Iboga Records… Martin Spanner Zimmermann and René Gundel Nielsen from Copenhagen, Denmark are Iboga regulars and have been in the game for years. Their debut album Lewd was a progressive milestone, whilst their second album Pandoras Groove Box was more introvert and harder to get into... It was a really demanding album on the listener and personally it took me quite some time to fully appreciate… But both albums are great in their own way, so I’m really looking forward to dig deeper into this their third instalment…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Milk Tooth
This album is special in the sense that the two members have made four tracks each – and this one is the first by René… After a subtle intro we’re soon launched into a steady progressive rhythm section… This track bears the proggy BB-trademark with its deep groovy nerve… It never goes 100% full-blown so it would work best in the opening stages of a progressive set…

#02: Content May Differ
This is a track done by Martin, and was already released on the 2004 Iboga compilation Playground… Ahh – this is everything I love about progressive trance… Ultra funky, rich progressive psy-trance with sharp, crisp percussion… The pointy hisses, the organic pads and the subtle melodies all help create a perfect groove… I really like the groovy break that almost reaches Aes Dana heights… Stellar track!

#03: Stereorganic
“You are a most unusual traveller my friend… Come!†Half a nano-second into this track we’re exposed to a raw, distorted, pounding bassline… Shortly after we’re in full effect and here Martin intelligently twirls cut-up voice samples into the basic track composition… Usually a cause for irritation, but it’s so nicely done here that I actually think it enhances the track… But I could’ve been without some of the static here – it kinda annoys me and dents the image of an otherwise perfect track…

#04: A’quatet
Second track by René… The sound is much cleaner now and the pace has quickened – yeah all the obvious signs of a morning tune are present… It’s a very joyous and I feel like a real winner whenever I hear the familiar power-up-bonus-video-game sample… Listen to this track and you’re self-esteem will skyrocket! ;o) The second half of the track is the best with its tribal stomping and sexy Asian women moaning…A stripped down version of a Saiko-Pod was my immediate association…The track in its entirety though, lacks some of the progressive depth that BB has taught us to expect… Not a bad track, but nothing special either…

#05: Ding Dong Dynamo
Ding dong dynamo light! There is a certain slow, held-back style to this track… Composed by René, it’s a charming little track… Great use of percussion and funny little stair-climbing synth FX… Again the break is very thrilling – and immediately rewarding… Despite the fact that the track never really goes anywhere monumental, this is still a nice, driving track – without being revolutionary!

#06: Snowflake Shake
This last track by René stars out much more stripped down – reminiscent of the old BB sound from the minimal Lewd-era… The beat is downright mean and repetitive – but slowly more FX are added bringing us up to speed – and ultimately the track morphs into a deep, tribal progressive fiesta… Nice track for sure!

#07: Analogical
Pump up the BPM Martin… Yesthankyouverymuch! …Now this is right up my alley! After a cold, wintery intro we’re getting a taste of what wonders BB can work on the trancefloor… Super-crisp, dancefloor friendly progressive – mixed with phat old-school synths… Analogue mind you – as the title suggests! Rich progressive beats meets old-school psychedelic twirls – fuck me, this is a brilliant track! Awesome!

#08: 2 Lame 2 Blame
LoL-0MfG-\/\/tF!? Lame name indeed here on Martin’s last track… Again this is a typical BB track with its held-back groove bubbling just under the surface… I dig the mix of metallic and acoustic percussion here… There are some really beautiful long pads here – that creates a stunning backdrop for the overall groovy, tribal atmosphere… What a nice way to finish this album… ;o)

As have been pointed out by previous reviewers, this album is a somewhere between Lewd and Pandoras Groove Box – obviously leaning towards the latter with today’s modern production skills… Lewd is still my fav’e BB album, but this comes in as a close second now… The production is flawless and despite the distinct BB style, we still get quite a lot of variation within the progressive range… And that’s a good thing! I see this as a very mature album and as a positive indication of the very interesting path René & Martin have chosen to take… Their talent is indisputable and I really respect producers that are constantly evolving – and evolving in their own unique direction… Well done!

Beat Bizarre fans will certainly enjoy this, as will fans of deep, groovy modern progressive trance… It works great at home, and DJs will find many useful choons here too… And I’m sure it will appeal to the most open-minded fans in crossover land too… Check it out – I’m digging it! Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 2(!!), 6, 7(!!!), 8


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Sauntering about...
I've listened to this album at psy dream temple under food poisoning and I absolutely loved it!
Fast forward a few months; now that I actually own it in the comfies of my home, without a bad stomach to worry about, I can honestly say it's bloody BRILLIANT thank you!