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Take one sample, load it into your beatslicer of choice & chop it up into little bits, which can then be arranged alongside MIDI tracks.

A simple task you would have thought, but no ... :no: ... after overcomming my urge to hurl my PC out the window last night, I thought I'd best ask you guys what software you use.

Also, for anyone using NI Intakt, what do you think of it? Do you have any problems trying to get your keyboard to operate the Intakt plug-in?

I posted up my issue on the NI forum here - - but as ever, if you guys have an answer, I'd be really gratefull to hear it.

Cheers :Smile3:
err ..... ok I think I know what you mean ......

Recycle is waht you need!!!

Load in your, lets say, breakbeat

Mess around with the sensitivity until there is a split point for each sound in the groove / sample.

Save - then open the file in ex24 ( using logic ) ( or any vst sampler if not using logic! ) - choose the open rex file option and the midi part should dump itself automatically onto the track.

whehay !! I hope this helps !
I was going to say something like check all the midi setting are ok, but as u say in the forum everything works as a standalone and with other vsts. Could be something to do with SX3 as well perhaps. I'm guessing there will be an update soonish if SX3 is buggy. What do u think f it so far?
Thanks for that Jamez ... Recycle does seem to do what I want, but as I've already got Intakt, I wanted to know who else uses it and if they have experienced the same problems as me. I'd first like to get Intakt working, or at least have tried before condemning it & digging into my pocket money.
I thought that intakt was just a total headphuq! I couldn't decide if it was buggy or if I was just not getting it. Maybe both...
I have recycle and reason - the Dr Rex is so quick and easy. In VST land I like phatmatik, cos it's dead simple to use but you can really get into some deep loop mangulation...
PM me if yer want cos I realise I'm babbling :Smile3:
A simple task?

Very, very, very far from it :Grin:

I dont know if you'll be able to see these without registering, but... might be worth it. There is NOWHERE on the internet with more expertise in the field of break slicing, chopping and rearranging than The Grid.

just a few off the top of me head
saxopholus - Thanks for the input, NI are looking into it (they've asked Novation to donate a keyboard for test :o ), I'll keep everyone posted as to the outcome. SX 3, initial impressions are that it's still a bit buggy ... just take the monitoring post I put up the other day :Sad: It's crashed a couple of times as I finished for the evening, once rebooting the PC :Sad: ... ... I only got it as Arbiter sent it for free (normal upgrade ~£20) as I was still waiting for a SL 2 -> SX 2 upgrade 4 weeks after ordering it & having paid for it.

AlternateContinuum - I know what you mean about Reason/ReCyle ... really strightforward to use, but I've been trying to wean myself off them and into Cubase ... and cheers for the pm offer :Wink3: ... I'm popping along to see the guys at our local Digital Village shop tomorrow, and I've been promised a quick tutorial with Intakt, so I'll grab some notes & post them up if this helps anyone else.

soliptic - Thanks for the links, they opened OK. I'll have a good read when I get home tonight.
I was under the impression that REX files are pretty much a standard in their own right. Both Cubase and Logic support them natively (though in slightly different manners), and Intakt allows you to import the files...

As for SX3... well, just have to wait and see how this pans out. NI stuff had a few issues making the jump from VST5 to SX, not sure if a version bump would be such a massive change though.

I thought Intakt was a load of wank and Phatmatik was too buggy to take seriously.

Nothing has eclipsed Recycle as a way of slicing stuff up quickly and cleanly, although the apparently arbitrary 5-minute limit on sound file lengths has me baffled. I'm always chopping up 7 minute bass parts and have to do it in two chunks!


Then I ether import into Logic as an audio file [Logic users will know what i mean] if its a long file, or import into Kontakt if its a short loop [up to 16 bars-ish].
Orion Platinum rocks for many reasons.
The built-in Sampler generator has a groove slicer to DIE FOR.
(well maybe don't go a dyin for it but...)
it works really easily- load an audiofile, open the grooveslicer window (icon looks like a stopwatch or something)
(NOTE: the separate pitch, pan, level, etc... for each slice!)
I typically slice to 16 and recreate groove in piano roll.
the RNG button in the piano roll will show which keys have which slices assigned to them. the first pattern will be filled with the keystrokes required to play the loop in the default slice order. have fun making other patterns.
put these patterns in the playlist and make a loop the length of your bit.
twiddle knobs with the record button on- you've just done automation-
open the song event editor for any given knob or parameter and manually edit like logic,cubase, can fix that lurch where you sneezed with your hand on the cutoff.
assign some modulation parameters- add some inline or send fx.
render a wav output
bring it into Nuendo, Logic, Cubase, Pro-Tools, whatever you are using or just stay in Orion. (there are other reasons but then i'm in love with this program...)
oh ps:
Acid is a good program for slicing all manner of stuff. you have to play around a bit to get tight results and you won't get any MIDI data or note data on retriggering the little bits to recreate the big loop but its nice...