BeatNik - Danger Ranger (extended Demo)


DJohn Mustard Project
Thought I may as well (as a new member) show abit of what kinda style, production I do :Smile3:

This track is thoroughly 'morning' psytrance, hope people like it!

the link is:
The track is "Danger Ranger - Extended Demo", apologies in advance for the cruddy Bitrate -should be able to upload something bigger soon...

Still... it should be enough to hear the general flow and production etc :Grin:



Junior Members
Good going buddy. Im liking this track a lot - got a great flow to it. Some really nice vocal samples as well.
Can't wait to hear more!


bumbalumba cruiser
nice one man.... very nice... i really like the way you play with the tones...
maybe change the bell sound? maybe its just me.....
otherwise perfect :Grin: