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:ismile: Greetings lovely people of our beautiful earth

Been partying for ages but just found this forum recently, have not been into psy-trance so much the past few years as was fed up with pill taking, recently rediscovered the scene (now I party almost drug free/red wine is my baby, blood of christ) If you are ever in a party & you see a guy looking like jesus playing a very small djembe, that will be me! I send you all my love & energy & hope that you approach every moment with the eyes of children

without music there is no silence
without silence there is no music

heart beat...:irofl:

walk with


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what kinda brain is that then? Im supposed to be sleepin, i always do this, push myself to the very limit of tiredness & crankiness before passing out & sleeping for eternity:irofl:


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you like wine and you try to approach every moment with the eyes of a child.

thats my brain right there!

:Smile3: hehehehe


Greetings! I'm with ya on the red wine thang!


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welcome to the forum gary... :Grin:

walking with a smile is a lovely name,
yay, smiles all round and yay and woo'ness

i will look at for you at parties.. hehe