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A friend went to a wedding last Saturday at a registry office in London. They waited for the bride and waited and waited. They missed their slot, the next wedding party went in and they still waited. Finally, three police cars with armed officers and a meat wagon stop outside the office and the police run in asking for the groom. They proceed to tell him that they've arrested the bride. The groom is English through and through and the bride is from Ghana. She has been living in England for twelve years and working as a sister in a hospital.

Apparently, at some point, she forgot to renew her work papers and so the authorities waited until her wedding day, waited until she and her visiting family came out of the house and got into the limousine and then they decided to arrest her. When asked why the numbers and why the guns, they answered that when they stop a wedding, the guests usually cause trouble.

My friend felt the whole incident to be surreal. He thought he was living Kafka. I suppose it shows that it's not true that the police only bust raves, they also go after weddings. Is this a scream or what? Can you imagine the cost of all that manpower on overtime to catch a nurse on her wedding day? Do you see the joke of an, allegedly, illegal immigrant, who has been in the employ of the government for so many years?

Please remember this when the elections come around - millions of people died during the war to stop the Nazi jackboot but Tony found where it was hidden and now he is wearing it.