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I've been a member of this site for ages, but haven't gotten around to introducing myself. Well, here I am. Hello.

I live in Brighton, and I do artwork stuff. Some of you with long term memories may recall seeing my drawings on Chris Organics - "Don't Panic" album.

Righty, back to the drawing board
the one and same - yup.

I'm not in oxford any more that often, but I do show my face in the area from time to time.

it's cool to be recognised, shows that repetition does get you places eventually...

no doubt baraka will be "honoured" with prescense again some time soon.
Your a ROry from Oxford too? Deary me! What to do?
unbelievable innit?

who'd have though it...

I'm not technically in Oxford at the moment but no doubt will be again soon.

are you the person who was looking for musical collaborators?
Welcome to the forum rory. Have fun :Grin:
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are you the person who was looking for musical collaborators? [/quote:68d82c10f7]
Yes I put a post up about that. When I started to get replies I realised how little time I have at the mo'!!

Anyway, if we're all lucky we may have a collaboration with Phonographist on the way.
my psychich abilities are second to none...even doris stokes. i just looked into my crystal ball and held a seance and BAM the name rory came to me. :Wink3:
:lol: welcome dude!