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hello everyone!!

follow this link and if you have a spare £20 i reckomend buying this asap!

also >>

some more very good news about glasto this yr...

thier is a DVD project called >>

"1 giant leap"

it is produced by a bunch of people and is definatly one of the most inspiring films i have ever seen

to tell you a little about it but not to much it is >>

a documentary covering about 10 - 12 differnt subjects...things like...INSPIRATION, MONEY, FAITH, SEX, DEATH, CONFRONTATION, TIME, BLASPHEMY, UNITY, MASKS, HAPPY...

the dvd is filmed all over the world and interviews some of the most fantasicaly creative minds of our generation...the music within the project is taken from all over the world - and is equally inspiring as the video.. the filming, scenery, editing, groundbreaking...alongside the subjects and meaning.

i highly reckomend everyone trys to see this film - it lasts for just over 1 hour and it really inspired me and my friends so much!

for more info check out >>

i look forward to seeing some of you there!

very happy about this...

times to see "1 giant leap"

26th June >
1 Giant Leap PLAY LIVE SHOW on AVALON STAGE, GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL with SLOVO and very special guests - 10pm

27th June >
1 Giant Leap SCREENING in CINEMA TENT - GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL - not sure what time!

all good!