Best Tunes........

Wiley Peyote

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really really tough cookie...!!!!!
Um,........this week I will mostly be listening to.....
Hyper Frequencies- erotica 7
Central Processing Unit- Crapule Continuum
The new Wizzy Noise album
last Alchemy release Virtual Memory,nice!!!


Lost in Europe
The new Infected album's put me into a right good mood today. Not bad for a Monday :lol: :Wink3:

Wiley Peyote

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im still well into the bio-tonic album- cant wait to check them live at liquid bash
after the astrix gig, i cant help but fine-listen to his stuff. I luv just breaking down the tunes and finding out where they found wot and used who's stuff........he does that alot. Jesus, does that guy have muscles from hell. :punk: :tongue1:

Wiley Peyote

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nope,still a while off. Liquid outdoor bash the week after XentriX,in August.
Check the liquid website for the killer line-up. I counted 16live acts!! :punk: :punk: :punk:


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Pslightly said:
My all time fave has to be 'Shadow of the Beast' from Logic Bomb's 'Headware' Album. :punk:

Whats Yours ?
Buzzing of of the recent GMS remixes

But of all time its Possesed 'Man With No Name' - Legend :Wink3:


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Rinkadink -Ultima


Belated but here u are:

Bamboo Forest:Own Way
Astral Projection: People Can Fly

Etnica:Equator, for the diversity & the trip!
Juno Reactor:Shango, for the tribalistic mayhem!
Quirk:Machina Electrica & Fornax Chemica, for all the twisted audioalchemy!
Eclipse:A journey of Permanence & Impermanence, for just being the best chil-cosmic-dub-ambient(delete as appropriate) compilation ever gracing this pair of ears!

Ah, and Doof-It's about time, for feeling me up with sheer pleasure and a bright smile whenever I listen to it!


Haldolium - pi-symptome (freeform Rec.) (I really can't get the pi-Symbol in here...)

Infernal Machine - The Loins Sleeps Tonight (Twisted Rec.)

Thats two of my alltime favourite Trax, which really displaces everything! :punk:

Jon Kenobi

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New Directions - Protoculture, you been listening to my mix cd redfive(?)
Roq - Posessed has got to be my all time fave MWNN track,just simply brilliant!
Hard pushed to name 1 track, a lot of the albums mentioned here that are out at the mo are cracking, Fractal Glider tops, Hyper F tops. But the album thats doing it for me at the mo has got to be the new Psydrop, lovin it! Trk 3 just makes ya wanna explode!


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sphongle - star sphongled banner & around the world..

infected mushroom - acid killer, psycho (live mix), tasty mushroom, and symphonatic. shit, i could list 10 or 15 more! yes, i love much of infected's output.

manmademan & tristan - william

twisted all-stars - blue sky on mars

the light - expand the room (not sure if this counts)

younger brother - magic monkey juice

phreaky - tornado


Phreaky - Tornado!!!
He-he that was one of the heaviest psy tunes at the moment I reckon along with Party Droid-Etnica!Well done mate!
By the ways, anyone on what Dinos Psaras is doing at the moment?


I was engineer on that Phreaky Tornado tune. Didn't do much though - just plugged everything in and made sure it all worked - and made a lot of cups of tea. It was done in the main studio at Butterfly in Brixton at the time I was house engineer there, and yu could tell it was going to be special at the time.

I can remember Dino and Steve and Avi hunched over the computer arguing about riffs and the mad Israeli geezer who was doing most of the knob twiddling spending four hours on the kik drum. Time well spent in my opinion.



Nice info man,cheers!
It can go to the claims to fame thread as well!
(Funny H.Marks story btw! :offtopic: I know!)


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Hello People.

OTT- that israeli guy who spent four hours on the kick drum must be Ofer "oforia" Divosky or Avi "Spacecat" Algranti cause they were both on that tune.

Fav Tunes Of all Time:

Infected Mushroom Symphonatic

Spacecat Snorkel Blaster

Hallucinogen Trancespotter

X Dream Create Your Own Happiness

Cosmosis Just Say No

Tristan Martian Arts

I could carry on for loadz but it was only supposed to be 1 wasn't it, oh damn already over cooked it... I'm sure there is so many more


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
hey word up geoff :Smile3:

guess what... psyreviews is coming back soon :ph34r:
Hmm fave trax?? trax that really do it for me........

Crystal Skulls
The Ring
Silent Running
3rd Revelation
Genetic Eyes
Midnight Sun

......err, just by chance they all happen to be by Alien Project :speaker:

but obviously there are so many other artists but seriously these are the bomb!!