beyond evolution.mp3

whoa! what a nice surprise, i let out a sigh of relief when your meaty bassline came in!
Production sounds tight as you loike! (your getting there dude!)Kick sounds really hefty (wasnt completely sure about it but it grew on me) but could possibly benefit from a bit of a click to bring it up to date! also, imho i reckon you could do with playing the sample a few less times.
also i reckon if it was me, the tune could do with evolving the melody a bit more over the space of the 7 mins! (only my humble 2ps worth though)
apart from that foookin shweet mate! some nice little tricks up yer sleeve!
keep at it

:Grin: :smoke: :Grin:
Yes I like the bass sound. Nice and full, not all low end.
Your bionging noises are cool but as Chris H said a bit more variation in the theme. If that’s the right word would be nice but there is still plenty going on to grab you and it certainly bangs along.
:partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi:

Another point about the sample. I don't know if its used to much but maybe you could send it through some alternating fx each time.
Very nice indeed - just gets up a head of steam & gets going!

I like to hear a little bit of panning - adds that something when heard through the headphones. And I'd like to hear some of the background ideas being brought to the front & noodled with for a couple sets of 8, then faded out to the main melody.

If this were my track I'd be well chuffed! :punk: