beyond evolution.mp3

This tune is a nice one. Good job. I like it when tracks are not so fast. So there is enough time to explore the layers. But I would kick the isrealic saw. There are to many on earth. Look for your own style.
I'd say the saw lead sounds more like old-skool Goa than anything else - plus I don't see why people shouldn't wear at least a little of their influences on their sleeves - all art is plagiarism and all that.

I'd say that the lead synth that mirrors the bassline needs to come down a touch in the mix, because it's making the other synths (and most of the variation in the tune) hard to hear. Production's sounding nice, though, and the ideas are good.

Keep it up! :Smile3:

I agree with J but some sounds are extremley loud unless it was my computer glitching out, but your producion skills are very good. I thnk the part where the drums drop away are cool but need more of an impact when they kick back in. I know its a cliche'd thing but it works and people like protoculture do this really well.
Also felt some sounds could do with a lilttle more compresson but overall mate id be :partysmi: to this on once its finshed!