Big Bush is watching me.

The Phonographist
Having talked to several people about this recently I thought it warranted a post to spread information.

Recently I had to fly to Central America in order to get a connecting flight to South America. I did this via Miami. I wasn't staying in Miami , in fact I was there for 1 hour. Could I have done it differently I would have flown directly to La Paz in Bolvia but unfortunately that isn't a option.

When I got to Miami I walked to catch my connecting flights and had to go through security (not unusual of course), but this time I had to give both my finger prints and have a photo taken of me which of course as well as my passport. So, suddenly without ever being warned about it or having no even "visited" (in term of touristic defination) that country I am now a statistic in America's ever expanding database of non-nationals.

I've never had to give my fingerprints or anyone take my photo together with biometric data ever before in my life and felt quite outraged that 1. I couldnt refuse to do so without getting in a lot of shit or 2. I hadnt been warned about such proceedures.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know and wondered if anyone had had a similar experience.



God mintsmak
I like the Brazilian approach to this, IIRC they got fed up with this procedure being enforced on their citizens who were visiting or just in transit through US airports and now make all American visitors to Brazil subject to this sort of behaviour too, but don't apply it to visitors from any other country.


Festive Camel
good for them

Americans more likely to have concealed weapons or starting a revolution (at least in Latin America) than most nationalities, too