Big hello to the Psy Forum!



Jus to say hi to all forum members, especially if you were at the Psy trance at the Juction, Cambridge last night. Look forward to bumping into some of you guys at the man on the moon / cafe afrika / junction if you're ever around in cambridge, or some other random venue...

Happy trancing d(^_-)b
hello mate wasn't there unfortunately but welcome and have a super time yarr!

huw xx

Hey dude, :welcome: to the forum.....dumortierite...a mineral...are you a geologist/earth scientist...just curious :P ? I'm a geologist toooooo :Grin:
Wow, good knowledge - I think I'll have to choose a more obscure user name in future! (^_-) Yeah, studied Geology as part of my first year university course but whilst the rocks were cool, the paleantology never really agreed with me so didn't
pursue it any further...
should have called yourself cummingtonite, also a mineral i'm told, obviously with a slight sexual connertation. :welcome: from the one who cannot spell. :Smile3:
:welcome: :welcome: was not at the junction cause im in austria at the moment but have fun here anyway!!!
Big Hello to you! :Grin: :welcome: