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I was introduced to the forum by OG Pete & I guess quite a few of you already know me from places like Natural Order, Undertow, Photon Generator, Synergy,loads of different squat parties etc.
I'm the ageing hippy photographer in a purple cape!
If there's anything else you'd like to know,this is what the forum's for.
Have fun,take risks and do something outrageous every day. xx
Hello, and welcome!
At last, another aging hippy photographer. I'm no longer alone....!


Of course, that's aging hippy with a camera, not just some youth who takes photos of aging hippies....!!!! (?)
Hey, it's Torie, hope you're well :Smile3:

Enjoy the board!
Well howdy doody :welcome: to the madhouse, Im sure you will fit in very well

Love & light

Mrs B :Smile3: