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And other legal, herbal drugs. None of that commercial shite which comes in colourful little packets and you have to take 10 to get a mild buzz.

- I only use HIGH QUALITY, ETHICALLY HARVESTED ingredients sourced from around the globe. These are mostly standardised extracts so you get exactly what it says on the tin (herb potencies vary alot).

- Guaranteed to get you high completely legally, just PM me with your requirements (stimulant, hallucinogen, aphrodisiacs etc...)

- NON-EXTORTIONATE pricing ie.

BIG PURPLE BASTARDS (300mg guarana extract 22% caffeine, 300mg ephedra equisetina* extract 8% ephedrine) = powerful, non-jittery stimulant lasting about 8 hours : 10 caps (10 doses)/£10, 100 caps/£50 - :!: NOW BLUEBERRY FLAVOURED!

* N.B. 20/02/06 - Now using ephedra equisetina rather than the schedule 3 herb ephedra sinica. The effects are identical.

CATUABA herb = Erythroxylon catuaba, a sister plant of coca (E. coca), it contains cocaine-like alkaloids but not cocaine. It's non-addictive and makes a very pleasant bitter/spicy tea with good stimulant and aphrodisiac properties : 20g (2 cups of tea)/£3, 100g/£10 - :!: PRICE LOWERED!

KRATOM - Kratom has effects similar to opium and cocaine together. In Thailand you get the death penalty for this stuff. This is the highest quality kratom herb, stronger weight for weight than the kratom extract resins currently flooding the market. Can be made into tea or smoked. £1.50/g - 3-4g = mild/beginner dose, 5-6g = strong dose. :!: BACK IN STOCK

5-HTP 99% PURE - natural, organic 5-HTP derived from the African griffonia plant. Acts as an antidepressant and, in high doses, a sedative. Taken before serotonin releasing agents (ie. MDMA) it will intensify the high, taken after it will drastically reduce comedowns. £5/3g = 30-60 doses (equivalent to a bottle of 60 50mg H&B caps which costs £15). :!: PRICE LOWERED due to finding a much cheaper source...

FLY AGARIC MUSHROOMS - 440mg dehydrated powdered fly agaric per capsule. Hallucinogenic, but does not contain psilocybin and is not illegal in either fresh or processed state. Induces a pleasant dreamy state, however should be treated with care (just try a few capsules first). £0.75/capsule. Dose: 10 = medium, 15 = strong. Stock limited.

DAMIANA TINCTURE 1:3 - 10-20mls produces a strong stoning effect which is very similar to marijuana but more clear headed. The herb is a pleasant, minty smoke but is much milder in effect than the tincture. Also makes a great basis for smoking mixes as it fluffs up loads if you give it a couple of seconds in a coffee grinder, and carries other herbs well. 100mls tincture/£7.50, 25g herb/£5, pre-rolled damiana joints £1.50. :!: NEW

:!: GOODY BAGS :!: - a lot of people have requested goody bags which I am happy to make up to any value (£10, £20 etc.) and will include a mixture of whatever of what's listed above is in stock and also a few items I don't list as I don't have enough to advertise them for general sale i.e. stuff I've only bought or made small amounts of or prototypes of new products.

COMING SOON - calea zacatechichi/dreamherb extract, betel nut chews and khat! Watch this space.

DON'T BUY SHITEY DILUTED CRAP THEY SELL IN SOME HEADSHOPS! It will make you think that herbal highs are no good. Remember dope, coca and opium are all herbal (although not for sale from me) and there are many other less well known herbs which get you spangled. I've made it my mission for the past few years to find the good ones.

Pretty much any illegal drug can be emulated by something legal. In fact some of the legal ones are actually better (ever tried KRATOM?). PM me with your individual requirements, I'll do my best to make you exactly what you want and samples will be provided for large orders.

Cheers for reading this far, and if you've tried any of my stuff before then endorsements will be greatly appreciated...
hello mdear!
right, time for the reccomendations!

i know enough about herbs to say that this mans drugs are SHITHOT. anybody remember those 'ephedrine' at the lake district? nice and buzzy, dancy, chatty, no comedown no jitters and above all, no gurning!!!

some of this stuff you could get down your local herbal shop.
guarnana for instance is easy to get but expensive as hell!(of course, i liberated mine cos i worked at a 'holland and bastard', but thats another story) Jons are cheaper and usually stronger.

have tried some his other concoctions at partys, given some away to friends who came back with big grins and tapping feet.

so, yeah!! buy buy buy!


-expect orders from me when my pay comes thru.
Eeeeeeeexcellent :cool: I'll be in touch in the near future....
:bananada: :bananada: :bananada:

Jon's stuff rocks!!!!

not only do the purple things pick you up and give you a buzz....... they also help sober you up after too many drinks! :Grin:

i thoroughly reccomend this stuff to everyone!

All the legal highs Ive done have been not so good to put it politely

Would love to get in touch when have more funds so you can restore my confidence in them.

Smiles Heather
KRATOM you say. Could you please tell me what sort of high this is?

I've been herbal only for a year now, and would be very interested to know what this KRAPTOM is, what effects it gives and really anything you can tell me about it. I've not heard of it, so any info would be wonderful, thanks :Grin:

Lorraine xXx
kratom is a mild opiate, I think, it tastes exactly like tea and after about 10 minutes you can feel every muscle in your body relax. Its loverly. Like, totally really byooooodiful dooood...
I had one of the big purple bastards on the drive home after Glade as I was falling asleep at the wheel :o

Bout 10 mins later I was fully awake, alert and felt like Id slept for a year.


Needless to say, we all got home safely and I cudnt sleep till the early hours. Will def be in contact bout some more Jon!
Dr Jon's BPB's are taking over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAA :jump:
Dear everyone,

Thank you for all your orders and lovely recommendations! I'm taking this herb business to the next level soon and will be needing people to distribute stuff for me, PM if you're interested!

I've also added another product to the range - see the first post (edited). Everything is in very limited supply until after Boom as I'm awaiting new supplies of herbs and empty capsules. If anyone needs anything before Boom I'll need orders to be COMPLETED before friday 20th August.

All the best,

Jon. xxx :sun: :sun: :sun:
Hey Nanook, I think Jon's at Boom. For info right now, try here

It might be worth having some company with you... :Wink3:

Plus, Dr Jon's BPBs = :party2: