Bio-Tonic Klash Solstice Music


Direct DJ
Bio-Tonic Klash Solstice Music

01 Opening
02 Fly Away
03 Spell Anything
04 The Age Of Wonder
05 Ghost In The Machine
06 Confrontation (Everybody's Freaking Me)
07 Elephants
08 Everyone
09 Addictive Princes
10 It's Only A Story

A deviation from Bio Tonic, who really ground to a halt for me with Divina, which compared to the two previous albums, only had one or two winners.... as opposed to one or two losers...

But this appears to be a completely different beast altogether, not about the full on at all.
Check it out... :Wink3:

Sales Blurb and Samples @:


Fried for too long
Just had a listen to the samples and they are in fact a load of Kuba's samples (someone at arabesque has made a minor cock up)
im afraid to say geoff but i reckon it will be trance and probably gash to boot...

Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
well it looks like the minor cock up has been amended on the arabesque site and you were spot on with your "...gash to boot" comment crispy


Direct DJ

i didn't think that all added up somehow...

But they were different samples to the Kuba LSD album samples....
which I checked at the same time....

But now they sound a hell of alot more like I was expecting and very much dissapointing as well. It was a bit to good to be true, I thought they had gone and made some intelligent music...