Not at this actual moment,
Not at any moment.
Hmm, getting you to join this forum was obviously a bad idea. I see that now. :Wink3:
Is this twenty questions?
If so......
Animal, vegatable or mineral?
assumed that without saying... was thinking more of the white things sticking out of orchidelic's head
:welcome: mushroom_moonbeam_man, have an indiferent pint instead :drinking:

:welcome: sounds like you'll fit it round ere then! :runsmile:

LOL Moodle x
Did someone say "biscuits"?? :Smile3:

Yes please, I'll have one of those plain chocolate coated ones on the plate over there

On second thoughts I might as well take two while I'm here. :Smile3: :Smile3:
Did someone say biscuits?

I have a stack of post party HobNobs right next to me. :Grin: yumyumyum.