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01 - Alternative Control "Control Tone" [unsigned, unr.]
02 - Sesto Sento "Trance life style" [unsigned, unr.]
03 - GMS "XXL" [Spun, unr.]
04 - Zen Mechanics "Chasing Spacecrafts" [Ajuca, unr.]
05 - Space Cat "Raver" [VisionQuest, unr.]
06 - Alternative Control vs Freaked Frequency "Twisted" [Proton, unr.]
07 - Sesto Sento "Jingle Sparks" [Com.pact, unr.]
08 - Ferby Boys "Backtset 2004" [Com.pact, unr.]
09 - CPU vs Project 33 "Who Else" [3D Vision, unr.]
10 - Brain XL "Moon Patrol" [G-Echoes, unr.]

bonus tracks:

11 - Gataka vs Bishop "NN" 140 bpm [unsigned, unr.]
12 - Alternative Control vs Bizzare Contact "Hang over" [unsigned, unr.]

this are the tracks that i enjoyed to play the last months, no particular order and sorry for the "nn" track but we still dont hv a name for it.
Nice! Com.pact are spot on! :punk:
Nice selection Bishop, spot on mate. Keep an eye out for some of those, com.pact/proton reprezent!! :punk: :punk:
thanks for the good words guys ....
Proton first compilation PRTCD 001 out soon around September, wait and see ! :Wink3: