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brixton massive
the egg clicky clicky

just a few pics there of a bit of decor that i built.
its welded steel coated in uv plastic, with white fabric attached for projections or lights.

im trying to find a new home for it as my current storage arrangement is coming to an end soon..

if anyone knows of anyone who might have a bit of space or might be able to use it i would be eternally grateful!

(dont want to throw it away..sniff.. :sob: )

its a nice sort of sculptural object and does look wicked in a UV environment (if i do say so meself! :unsure: )

any help/comments/ideas/random heckling would be fab

cheers guys :Grin:
ahhhh, thanks lilu and nanook! :wub:

thats really encouraging! really chuffed you like it, hopefully it will be coming to a party near you one day soon!


nanook, good luck to you too! if i do happen across anyone with lots of storage space i'll let ya know :Wink3:

how big is it? Might be worth getting in touch with Dill

as his house seems to be a general decor/PA storage area any way!

BTW what ever happened to the "thingy" you brought to Destination Venus once?


hiya john! :Grin:

it is pretty large, hence the storage issues! i completely forgot, but we spoke about this before didn't we? d'oh!!

*mental note - remember to take pen and paper to parties in future...

thanks for reminding me! :Grin:

ah, the thingy (h2glow, hee hee!)...i've still got bits of it, im hoping to reincarnate it at some point!

*deb adds dill to address book

thanks john!!
:o thats cool!!! :Wink3:

i may b able 2 help u out with it if it still needs a loving home :Smile3:

what are the approximate dimensions? :wub:
ahh, fanks Elysium! :wub:
im so blown away by the lovely response!! :wow: :sun:
i think i may well have summink sorted (crosses fingers!) but thanks so much for offering your help! :wub:
its 6ft tall by 4ft wide by 4ft deep so pretty hefty in terms of doors n corridors...

woo hoo! the egg has a new nest :punk:

thanks so much for all your lovely responses and encouraging words,
its now nesting with the baraka guys in oxford and loving it too!

thanks jon and mark, you are fab!

if anyone wants to see it in action it will hopefully be out and about at a baraka night soon!!! :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin:

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