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I listened I like it - took me ages to get my stupid poota to play it, I'll listen again tomorrow when I can crank it up properly.
Once again dood very impressed with all choons currently available on soundclick.
Whilst browsing shouldve known y i recocgniseed your tag, from ere obviously
just remember if you produce it people will listen.
dass a good tune... i like the liquid one too. good production, IMO anyway...
nice break around 6:00
good thumpy kik.
i'd stomp to it.
this is bonkers!

bit too busy for my liking, but you have talent :Smile3:

keep up the good work :drinking:
Very nice...

It's got an air of 'Classical Mushroom' about it, but with a nice twist that keeps it sounding original enough.

opia said:
this is bonkers!

bit too busy for my liking, but you have talent :Smile3:

keep up the good work :drinking:
Bonkers..thats what I like to hear. :bananada:
Thanks guys for you comments I find them very uesfull and ecourageing, cheers.
I have a question. I know that many of you post your tunes on soundclick and I was wondering if you reckon I might be able to get away with uploading a cover or remix of an old famous rock tune that I'm Psytranceing up at the moment.....I don't think they like that kind of thing but its turning out quit well at the mo and I would want plp to hear it..
Double_Helix said:
really like that a lot, loads of crazy sounds everywhere, very imaginative. what synths do you use?
Cheers dude.
The violins are Reaktors Steampipe synth the main lead is the ES2 and there is a touch of z3ta Absynth 2 and Slayer in there as well, as for the IM influence yes they got me into it all in the first place but I'm listening to Psycraft quit allot at the moe. They kick ass.
yummy is my favorite word at the mo. and bizarrly rich is yummy. wel done my man. :Smile3:
Yeaaaaah, glad you've managed to get the PC back up and running after you grafted that rather meaty new soundcard on to it :Wink3:

Obviously I'm not overly surprised to hear more than a passing nod to the IM boys, but we love that 'Classique' sound. Good to hear some PsyCraft influences in there too.

I'm gonna have to head over sometime soon again and pick your brains as to how you managed to create some of that sonic wizardry.

What is that soundcard you're using dude? Gotta get me one of them... one day.

Foun it a little more 'mature' than some of your previous work - you're substituting some really tunefull pastures for the the old 'Bang Bang Bang Bang!'. Nicely sourced samples too :Grin:

Bonkers I'll agree, but I'm loving it... keep at it mate!

BTW - what's happened to the Freebass? You broke it, or Chris nicked it back? :sad:
Very nice indeedy!

Does exactly what it says on the tin - is richly bizzare :Wink3:

What are you using for the main squelch?

Whilst I was up there, I grabbed the other stuff too...
Fly Agaric - some lovely ideas here, woven together and explored.
Freeky Deekey - we liked this alot :wub: - is there a Gamma Goblins influence here? :Wink3:
Liquid on the Brain - I love it when organic samples are used, but would liked to have seen it used a bit more, reminded me a bit of the Ozrics 'Sploosh' - good stomper tho'. Another to listen to is Banco de Gaia's 'Drippy', using water as a percussive sample = nice.
Planet Safari - flows nicely between ideas - how did you do that gulp?
Sailing Through The Blue - oooo... very nice and chilled...that bass in just ferkin' lursh :wub: but then I am a bit of a bass tart :P Lovely waterfalls, Ozrics stylee

Great work, I'm inspired!
Pricey said:
What is that soundcard you're using dude? Gotta get me one of them... one day.

Last I checked, he was using an Echo Gina 20, which you can pick up off eBay for about 70 quid.

If you have the cash, you can pick up the newer Gina24, but I reckon even these will be coming down in price soon, as Echo have just released Layla/Gina3G in the States - will be over here soon.

Ok, been listening a bit more... fukkin qualitat!!! :wow:

some of the mp3s cut off suddenly.. and i'm not so sure about the wobbly guitar right at the beginning of bizzrely rich :ph34r: , but the rest of the tune more than makes up for it :Smile3:

keep up the good work!
Yep that’s right I'm using the Gina 20 now that JPsychodelicacy helped me sort out when I was having trouble with my little brain. :? Thanks again dude. It's an old card but it sounds like God is trying to chat you up through the speakers....
The freebass as far as I know is not broken. My dear brother has it at the bottom of a big cardboard box under a load of crap along with his electribe and Zoom FX board. He takes such good care of his things......?
Good one - the violin part brought back happy memories of travels in eastern Europe, and the buildup out of that 6:00 break psytrix mentioned - right up my street :Smile3: Bonkers is about right. Keep it up. :Smile3: Yay